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How to Add a Testimonial to Your Page with Thrive Architect

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before proceeding.

Adding a testimonial to your page can easily be done with the "Testimonial" element. Here is how:

First, drag & drop the element to your page. Then, select the testimonial template that is most suitable for your page.

You will see that the template consists of more elements that you can customize and personalize individually. You should make any changes that you consider necessary by clicking on the specific elements and using their options.

One of the most important things to change is the default text of the template. You should replace the text with the actual testimonial about your business.

Moreover, if you have chosen a template with pictures, you should also replace the pictures with the images of your own clients/customers.

Then, you can make any kind of styling changes that you see fit.

Testimonial Options

Besides the options of each element in particular, the specific options of the "Testimonial" element will also be available for you. If you click on the "Testimonial" element, you will see that these are the following:

Change the Template

You can change the testimonial template anytime by clicking on the "Change Template" option and choosing another template.

Content Width and Height

You can modify the maximum width and the minimum height of the content of the testimonials by dragging the slider under these options or entering a value manually in the boxes next to them.

Vertical Position

You can adjust the vertical position of the elements in your testimonial. You just have to click on the position in which you would like the testimonials to be displayed.

The more general options, are also available for the "Testimonial" element, thus, you can also use those to customize the testimonials.

Should you need more info on how the Thrive Architect elements work, please follow this link.

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