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How to Create an Evergreen Campaign

After creating a campaign, you need to specify how and when this campaign should display on your site, namely the campaign type.

You can choose from 3 options:

In this tutorial, we present how to setup an "Evergreen campaign".

Step 1 - Select the campaign type

In Campaign settings, select "Evergreen campaign".

Step 2 - Select dates

As you can see, this campaign can be triggered in multiple ways. The "Select trigger type" options are: Thrive Leads Conversion, First visit to site, or upon accessing a specific page (URL).

Example 1 - Thrive Leads Conversion:

You can set this type of campaign to appear to your subscribers only. You can select any type of Lead Group or shortcode opt-in form created in Thrive Leads - once someone subscribes via the opt-in form, the campaign will be visible for this user. You can of course, set the duration of the campaign and if needed - repeat it automatically after a certain number of days. This means, that the campaign will show for 7 days, disappear for 14 days and then re-appear again for 7 days (see the example in the image above). You can connect the campaign to an entire Lead Group (all forms inside that specific Lead Group), or to specific forms, like Lead Shortcodes.

Example 2 - First visit to site:

This campaign will display for every first time visitor. When a new user visits your website, this campaign will show. If the user visits your website the next day, the campaign will no longer appear. He will be able to see the campaign again after 7 days.

Example 3 - Visit to a specific page:

This campaign is set to appear upon visiting a specific page on your website. This can only be an internal page/post/landing page, as no external URLs are supported. This specific campaign example will show up every 3 days and last for 1 day. The offer will show on the post named "Hello world!".

Extra Options for your Evergreen Campaign

1. Activate Lockdown:

This option is explained in detail in this article - Lockdown for Evergreen Campaign

2. Repeat this campaign:

Once the campaign ends, you can set it to re-appear after an exact number of days.

3. Set realistic end time:

In addition to setting an exact end-date, you can also choose the exact end-time for your campaign, by turning on the 'Set realistic end time?' option.

Step 3 - Display settings for your campaign

Now that your campaign is created, you can set the display settings, namely select the pages where forms should appear.

Click on "EDIT" to select the pages and posts where the campaign should appear.

For more detailed instructions, on how to set display settings for your campaign, please see this article.