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How to Create and Publish a Thrive Apprentice Lesson

In Thrive Apprentice, a course is formed by one or more lessons. This way, the next step after you have created a Thrive Apprentice course, is to add one or more lessons to that course.

If you haven't created any courses yet, don't hesitate to check out our article about how to create your first Thrive Apprentice course.

So, after your course is created and saved, you can find it in the Apprentice Dashboard:

As you can see, in the top right corner there is a red circle, which indicates that the course is not published. When you will publish at least one lesson in this course, then you will be able to publish the entire course.

  • Note! - If a lesson is published, but the course isn't, it doesn't mean that the lesson will be visible to your users. In order for a lesson to be visible to your users, both the lesson and the course need to be published. 

Creating a New Lesson

In order to add a lesson, simply access the course by clicking on the card seen in the screenshot above. 

Once you've accessed the course, look for the "Add New Lesson" indicator and click on it:

Next, the "Add Lesson" lightbox will show up on your screen and you will need to give your lesson a name and a description:

Once you've given it a title and a description you will get to the unique features of a Thrive Apprentice Lesson. More exactly, you can upload a cover image or a video header.

Cover Image

The cover image will be displayed at the top of your lesson, in a similar way as the cover image is displayed on your course:

If you go for the cover image option, you SHOULD upload an image that comes as close as possible to the dimensions that the course cover image has, which is: 1170 x 382 pixels.

Once the cover image has been added to the lesson, this is how your user will see it on your website: 

As you can see, the image has been placed in the header section of your lesson. The content you will then add will be placed just below the title. 

Video Header​

The video header will be placed in the exact same place a cover image would be placed. However, the way the video header works, is that you select a video platform from the drop-down:

For this example we're going to choose the YouTube platform, but in the same way you can choose any other platform.

The next step is to simply paste the URL of the video you want to display as the header of your lesson:

Notice that below the "Video URL" field there are some options for the video that you have just added, these are the exact same options you would find in the "Responsive Video" element container from the Thrive Content Builder editor: 

Any option you select will be automatically applied to the video from the header of your lesson.

Once the video has been added to the lesson, this is how your user will see it on your website:

As you can see, the video has been placed in the header section of your lesson. Remember that, by doing this, the video will be the content of your lesson.

However, if you want to add additional information or simply write down the content, you can start adding content with the help of the TCB editor, find out more about this, below.

Adding Content to Your Lessons

After you have been through the options mentioned above, you can finally go on and add some content to your lesson. In order to do this, first of all, save the changes you have made in the "Add Lesson" box, and the select the "Edit with Architect" option:

This option will then send you to the "Edit Mode" of your lesson. The way this works is that you access your lesson, and on the side you will have your Thrive Architect editor through which you can add content to your lesson:

  1. The place where your cover image / video header will be placed;
  2. The Thrive Architect editor, which you can use by dragging and dropping elements into the canvas;
  3. The actual place where the content that you add to your lesson will be placed.

Types of Courses (Based on Your Lessons)

Based on the number and types of lessons you are adding, a course can be of more types:

  • Guide - ONE text lesson (WITHOUT video header)​
  • Text - MULTIPLE text lessons (WITHOUT video headers)
  • Video - ONE or MORE lessons with a video header (WITHOUT Cover Image)
  • Video / Text - MULTIPLE text and video lessons (BOTH cover image & video header)

Publishing the Lesson and the Course

In order to publish a course, you need to have at least one lesson published inside that course. However, a published lesson in an unpublished course will not be visible on the live site, it just means that it is completed and no extra modifications are needed. 

To publish a lesson, simply click on the "Publish" option next to the "Edit with Architect" one:

After your lesson is published, you can go ahead and publish your course, as well, by clicking on the green "Publish" button:

  • Important! - If a course if published, it will be visible to your users, on the live site. This way, you should NOT publish the course unless it is ready to be displayed on the site!

If you want to see how the course looks, you can access the "Preview Index" option from the navigation bar, or simply click on the "Preview" option:

Also, you can access Settings > Template Settings for more customization options for the course. To find out more about that, check out our article on how to customize your Thrive Apprentice template.

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