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How to Set Up reCAPTCHA for Thrive forms

Thrive Themes enables customers to use over 20 services through our API module and we also support a custom HTML integration, in case your preferred third-party service is not on our list. This article details the steps you need to take to use CAPTCHA on various, API integrated, forms.

  • The reCAPTCHA feature can only be used on forms that are using one of our API integration and not on forms that use a raw HTML form code.

Create Your API Connection

This only works with an API integration, so first, you need to create your API connection. To do that, click on the logo of your preferred mailing service in this article and follow the instructions in the video that will pop up. 

Register site to use the reCAPTCHA​ API

​Thrive Themes integrates with the Google reCAPTCHA service, in two quick steps:

  1. Go to the Google reCAPTCHA page and click the "Get reCAPTCHA".​
  2. In the "Register a new site" screen, fill in the Label and Domains fields with your site's details  and click "Register".

Once you have completed the steps presented above and you have registered on the Google reCAPTCHA website, look for the "Site key" and the "Secret key" on the page on which you have been sent to. Below you can see an image on how that section looks on the Google website:

​Create the ReCAPTCHA connection

Once you have copied the keys from the Google website, as presented above, go on your WordPress dashboard, Thrive Dashboard > API Connections, click the "Manage Connections" button and then "Add new Connection". From the app drop down list, select ReCaptcha under OTHER:

You now need to provide the ReCAPTCHA site and secret keys retrieved earlier. Enter the details and click "CONNECT":

In the confirmation box​, click "DONE" to exit the box. 

Link the API Connection to your form

You can finally set up CAPTCHA wherever you have Lead Generation forms, be it pages, posts, landing pages templates or live ones.

For example, if you add a "Lead Generation" element from the Thrive Architect plugin on a random landing page:

The user interface of the "Lead Generation" element has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before using the element.

The "Lead Generation Options" from the sidebar, select the "Connect with Service" item:

1. Add Captcha to Prevent Spam Signups

After you have completed the mandatory steps and you have connected the opt-in form to a service, you can add the reCaptcha system to your form. Simply go on the sidebar editor and select "Add Captcha to prevent spam signups": 

2. Customize the Captcha form

If you select the checkbox which adds Captcha to you Lead Generation, you will be presented with three customizing options for your form. This way you can change its theme, between light and dark. Also, its type can be changed, being either an image or an audio type (this feature will be implemented in a future release). And last but not least you can set its size to normal or compact. 

In case you have used a Contact Form Element on your website, you can make sure to prevent spam messages recieved through the form by adding a reCaptcha field to it.

If you wish to find out how to do that, please follow this link

With all this information you can go on and set up a reCaptcha form on your website, remember only that, in order to do this, the reCaptcha integratrion must be set up, as seen above in this article.