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How to Use the A/B Test Overview and Test Details

After an A/B Test has been started with Thrive Optimize, you can always check what are the conversion results so far, by using the A/B Test Overview and Test Details. 

To view the details of an A/B test, all you have to do is access the Pages section, look for the Control page name and hover over it, selecting "View test details": 

You can also click on "Edit" and open the WordPress editor, look for the "Thrive Optimize - A/B Test Overview" area and click on the "View Test Details" button: 

This will send you to an overview of the entire running A/B test, where you will have a chart available with all the conversions recorded from the start of the test: 

As you can see, on the top right hand corner you can also set the graph interval to either show daily, weekly or monthly stats of your conversions. 

Below the stats you will be able to see a detailed report of how your pages are doing in terms of conversions:

As you can see, since the A/B test is still running, you will be able to modify the traffic percentage that is being sent to the pages, by using one of the sliders.

Next to it, you will have detailed conversion entries regarding the Visitors, Unique visitors, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Improvement, and as well the Chance to beat the Original - The likelihood that the variation will outperform the original. 

The further your "Chances to beat Original" is from 50% (e.g. 5% and 90%), the more likely it is that there is a true difference between your Control page and the Variation.

If the Automatic Winner Settings are enabled, the test will continue until those parameters will be reached, then, a winner will be chosen. 

However, the Automatic Winner Settings can be changed, even during the test:

This will open a pop-up window which allows you to bring modifications to these settings, or even disable them, giving you full control in choosing a winner: 

Even if the Automatic Winner Settings are enabled, you can always stop the test and choose a winner:

This will open up a pop up window where the pages included in the test will be listed, along with their conversion reports, just like shown before, and you will be able to click on the "Set As Winner" button next to the page you want to choose as the winner: 

Once the winner has been chosen, this notification will show up: 

By clicking on the "Go to Test Report" button you will be sent to a page, where you will see the all the stats for the winner page, same as shown above (visitors, conversions, etc).

However, you can also manually stop a Variation and exclude it from the running test:  

In case you have just two pages in the test (the Control and one Variation), the test will be stopped, and the Control page will be chosen as the winner. 

On the other hand, if you have multiple Variations, and you just stop one of them, the test will continue between the other Variation(s) and the Control page. 

If one of the Variations is chosen as the winner, the content from the Control page will be overwritten, being replaced by the content found in the Variation. 

Important! - After a test is completed, all of the losing variations will be archived. In this way, whenever you're starting a new test for the page that has won, you will find all the previously defeated variations in the "Archived Variations" area from the Variations Dashboard. 

Basically, this is how you can use the A/B Test Overview and Test Details in Thrive Optimize. Don't forget to check out the other Thrive Optimize tutorials, as well!

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