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How to use the Button element

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before proceeding.

Note! - A feature that is not higlighted in the video above is the "State" option.

The "State" option allows you to determine how does the button change in terms of color, font and other options, when a user will hover over it. 

The option can be found on top of the Button options from the sidebar: 

You will have two states available for the button: Default and Hover.

The "Default" state is used from the moment you add the button on the page. This is the natural state of the button. 

However, if you want the button to change its color everytime a user hovers over it, select the "Hover" state. 

You will notice that the screen will get slightly darker, the button being highlighted. 

Now you can simply change the color and any other options of the button, and then, click on "Exit State" to return to the "Default" state:

Hope you enjoyed this article, and found it useful!