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How to Use the Checkbox for Consent Item in the Lead Generation Element

The user interface of the "Lead Generation" element has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before using the element.

If you use the Lead Generation element and you connect your form to multiple email services, you can also display a checkbox, asking your visitors for consent to use their email address in more than one place.

This option comes after the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been implemented.

If you're not familiar with this aspect, don't forget to check out this blog post: How Thrive Themes Products Will Help You With GDPR Compliance

How to Set this Up? 

First of all, you have to connect your form to your desired services.

To do this, click on the Lead Generation element, go on the sidebar menu and select the following option: 

If you're not familiar with this step, check out this article and click on any of the services that we support to see a tutorial on how you can establish a connection.

As an example: We will set up two connections on the form: WordPress and MailChimp. 

In this way, the desired outcome is to create a WordPress user account for the visitor, while also adding them to our MailChimp mailing list.

In order to be GDPR compliant, you can add a checkbox to your form, through which your visitors can give their consent to add their data to your mailing list, as well.  

The label text for the checkbox can be something like "Subscribe to the Newsletter", or anything that will let them know that their data will be used for some other purpose, as well. 

To add the "Checkbox for Explicit Consent", enable it by clicking on the form, then go on the sidebar editor and select the following option: 

Now, the checkbox for consent is added to your Lead Generation form.

The next thing we will do is modify the text label associated with the checkbox.

To do this, select the form and click on "Edit Form Elements":

Then, to modify the label, simply click on the text and start typing your own label:

When the checkbox item is selected, you will also have a few options available on the sidebar menu: 

Here you can decide the actual role of the checkbox.

In our case, we create the WordPress account, even if the visitor submits the form and does not click on the checkbox.

However, they will be subscribed to our MailChimp mailing list only if the checkbox is ticked. 

Caution! - If you select "Always on form submission" on both of the sections, you will be notified that the checkbox has no action, since the data will be sent to both services whether the visitor uses the checkbox or not - This may cause your form to be in violation of the GDPR.

However, if you are looking for an alternative to checkboxes, but still be GDPR compliant, check out this blog post: The Smart Way to Make Your Opt-In Forms & Email Marketing GDPR Compliant.

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