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How to use the Columns element

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!
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You can easily build columns on your website using the 'Columns' element in 'Thrive Architect'.

There are two ways of doing this:

1. The traditional drag & drop 

Drag & drop the 'Columns' element to the part of the page where you would like to place your columns.

You will see that a window is displayed from where you can choose how many columns (a) you want and you can also select the proportions for the columns (b). All you have to do is click on the one you find most suitable.

In case you do not like the proportions of the columns, you can change them manually anytime by dragging the arrow associated with them to the left or right.

Column options

The 'Columns' element, just like every other element, comes with its specific options. These will be displayed in the sidebar once you've added columns to your page.

You can set the 'Gutter Width' (1) and the 'Minimum Height' (2) of the columns by dragging the slider under the options or entering a value manually in the fields next to them. You can also choose the 'Vertical Position' (3) of the columns by clicking on one of them.

Furthermore, you can 'Reverse the Column Order' (1), as well as 'Wrap the columns' (2) by checking the box next to the options or choose to turn on the 'Stretch to fit screen width' option (3).

You can drag and place any type of elements in the columns, not necessarily just text elements. Buttons, images, countdown timers ... it is possible to place whichever element you want in the columns.

2. Create columns automatically

This second way of building columns is sort of a 'given'. If you take an element and place it next to another element (to the left or right), the column around them will be created automatically, just as shown in the images below:

  • Placing element next to another element:
  • Columns created:

Afterwards, you can adjust the proportions of the columns just as mentioned above and you will also have the column options in the sidebar for the newly created columns.

You can place as many elements as you like next to each other, thus having many columns. However, it is strongly recommended not to over-use this feature, because it might lead to your page not being as user-friendly as possible.

Seeing many columns next to each other may be confusing to customers and they might lose interest.

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