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How to Use the Countdown Elements

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before proceeding.

The 'Countdown' element

If you want to add a countdown campaign to your page, using the 'Countdown' element is the easiest way. After you drag & drop it to the page, you should start customizing it.

Style & Color

Click on the edit icon from the 'Style' option to choose a different style for your 'Countdown' element. You can simply select the preferred style and then click on 'Apply'.

Then, you can modify the color of your element using the color picker. Click on the box with the color from the 'Color' option. This will open the color picker and you can select the desired color and opacity.

Note: If you have previously set up a “Date Time Picker” custom field type, using the "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin, you will have the option of using that field here with the "Countdown" element.

In such cases the next options, after the "Color" one, will be the "Element Type" options, from where you can choose the "Dynamic" option.

Then, you can follow the steps presented in this article, in order to use the custom field with the "Countdown" element.

Keep in  mind that the "Element Type" option will be visible only if you have gone through all the steps explained in this article.

End Date

You have the possibility to set the end date for your countdown timer starting with your current time. You can choose the date by clicking on the calendar icon and then, selecting the specific day you wish your countdown to end.

You can also set the specific time, as in, the hour and the minutes when your countdown should end.

Text to show on complete (success message)

When your countdown timer ends, you can show a success message to the visitors of your page. This can be any text you want, you just have to type it in the designated box.

The 'Countdown Evergreen' element

This element is a little more complex than the simple 'Countdown' element, in the sense that it allows you to run a campaign for as long as you would like to.

The styling, coloring and success message options are exactly the same, as previously mentioned for the 'Countdown' element. However, the time settings are different.

Set up the time

Here you can set for how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you wish the countdown campaign to run.

Then, you have the option of starting it again after a number of days or hours (also set by you of course). Thus, your countdown campaign becomes "evergreen", as it can run and restart whenever you want it to.

Naturally, the more general options are also available in the case of both of these elements. If you wish to find out more about them or about how other Thrive Architect elements work, please click here.

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