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How to use the Timeline section in Thrive Ultimatum

The Timeline section in Thrive Ultimatum allows you to display different designs or states depending on how much time is left in the campaign.

Once you add your first design to your campaign, it will automatically show up in the timeline.

This would be enough to run the campaign, but the timeline gives you the chance to display a different message if, for example, there's only one day left.

To do this, we will create a new state in our design. The built and use of states is similar to the one in Thrive LeadsYou can learn more about states and how they work in this article​.

Then go to the Timeline section and add a new event

In the window that opens, choose the trigger for the campaign (1), check the display box (2) and select the state that should be displayed (3):

Click "SAVE TIMELINE EVENT" and your new event will display on the timeline. 

You can set multiple events on the timeline. You can also display more than one design in an event. For this, first, you need to edit the event.

Second, you need to add a new design option to it:

In this case, when the campaign starts the Top Ribbon's main state will display. When there's only one day left, the Top Ribbon's "1 day left" state will start displaying. In addition, the widget (its "1 day left" state) will show up.