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How to Test Two Forms against Each Other

With Thrive Leads, you can try multiple forms in order to see which one is worth to use more on your site, by running a test.

You can always create more than one form under the same type of form, by simply clicking on "Add New".

As soon as you have more than one form, you will be offered to run the test. You can only start running the test if you have edited all the forms. If the forms don't have any content yet, you will get an error message. 

Add content to your form by clicking on "Edit Design"

Click on "Start A/B Test" to begin.

As you click on the "Start A/B test" button, you will be offered the following options in the pop-up window:

Give a name to your test here. You can add test notes, but this is optional.

There is also an option called "Automatic Winner Setting", click on the plus icon, indicated by the red arrow, to expand it:

Set the conditions for choosing the winner automatically by putting a tick into the box next to "Enabled":

You can set an arbitrary number for the minimum conversions, the minimum duration of the test in days and the chance for an other form to beat the original one in percent. Adding a high percentage to the chance will allow you to have reliable data, not just a result that happened by chance.

After clicking on "Start Test" you will be led to a new page where you can see how the test is going.

If you don't enable the above mentioned automatic winner option, you will need to stop the test and choose the winner form manually, however, if you did enable that option, you can still stop the test and choose the winner whenever you want.​

By clicking on "Stop Test and Choose Winner", a new window will pop up where you can see the current state of the test. Click on "Set as Winner" to choose the winner and stop the test.

The other form will be automatically added to the archive.

Update! - Following some of our recent updates, you could see slight changes in the design and also new features were added, making the A/B tests more efficient and making sure that your website's traffic is not wasted on weak variations. You can find out more about this update by accessing the following link.