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The “Percentage” Quiz Type

The "Percentage" quiz evaluation type consists in the fact that the visitor will be given a percentage score based on how he responded to the questions in the quiz

Once you have added a new quiz, and given it a name, in Thrive Quiz Builder, the step 1/4 will require you to select a quiz type:

By clicking either on the "Choose Type" button or on the black background description, you will be sent to the "Quiz Evaluation Type" window, where we will select, in this case, the "Percentage" quiz type:

After you have chosen the "Percentage" quiz type, you can go on and click on the "Save" button.

The next step where the quiz type plays its part is the step 3/4, where you have to set up your questions and answers. Here you will also have to assign a number of points to each answer and, on the results page, the user will then see a percentage result based on the answers he has given. In order to get started you will first need to add a question:

Select, then, either one of the question types:

After you have selected a question type, you will have to add a question, one or more answers, and also, assign a number to each of the answers.

  • Using the "Percentage" quiz type, you won't have to add actual percentage values to each answer. How this works is that the plugin will run through all of the answers you have designed, find the highest point sum a user can get through the quiz (e.g. 400) and set that as the 100% mark. This way, the score your user will see in the end is calculated based on that maximum value.

After a user finishes your quiz, a success message and a score will appear on his screen, depending on the points you have assigned to each answer:

The success message in the end can also be modified by changing the style of your quiz or by editing the results page.