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Thrive Content Builder – Troubleshooting Problems

TCB is compatible and works perfectly with every theme and plugin that was built considering the rules from the WordPress Codex.
However there are many plugins and themes developed without having the WordPress Codex in mind, and those might block TCB from working properly.

The most common issue is your theme or one of your plugins loading a different version of jQuery directly instead of using the one that comes with WordPress.

How can I tell if there’s a conflict?

If you encounter one of the following:

  • TCB panel doesn’t load
  • TCB panel loads but you are unable to add/drag elements
  • You can’t save your content

Each of the above is mainly caused by javascript errors on your page. You can identify them if you go to the console (Ctrl+Shift+J)

This is how the console looks like for a page running conflicting scripts:


The red line means there is an error on your page and it’s most likely the cause of your issues.

This is how a clean page looks like:


Yes, I have Javascript errors, now what?

The next step is trying to identify where exactly the error comes from. Sometimes you can easily identify the source, but sometimes you don’t really get any useful clues.

In the first case, you can simply deactivate the plugin causing it, or if it’s your theme you can try switching to one of the default WordPress themes (or a Thrive Theme).

In the latter case, if you cannot tell where the error comes from, you should go through a standard debugging procedure:

  • Switch to one of the default WordPress themes. Those are guaranteed to work with TCB.
  • If the issue is still there, try deactivating your plugins one by one. After each step test your page to check if TCB works now. Start with the least popular, more suspicious one. The most popular, mainstream, highly recommended plugins are unlikely to cause problems.
  • If you managed to identify the culprit, you can deactivate it or if you are somewhat familiar with the code editor, you can follow this short jQuery quick fix guide

Note: We have encountered some situations when Google PageSpeed was enabled on the website and that caused a conflict with TCB. You can easily tell if that is your cause, if you errors look like this:


You can notice the “pagespeed” word in the file URL. For now, if this happens, the only way to solve this is to turn off PageSpeed on your site while using the Content Builder.