Thrive Knowledge Base

How to Use the Thrive Call to Action Widget

This widget will display a headline, image, text and a button. It’s a great way to get visitor attention to a specific offer or page on your site.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” and drag the “Thrive Call-to-Action Widget” widget into an available widget area. You will see the following options:


1) Title

This is the default title field which is available for all widgets in WordPress. In most themes, the text you enter here is hidden on the front-end since it would conflict with the widget headline.

2) Color

This setting determines the color style of the widget.

3) Headline Text

This is the main headline shown in this widget.

4) Text

This is the body text shown in the widget. Keep it relatively short. One or two sentences with a clear call to action is what we recommend.

5) Custom Image

Here, you can upload an image that will be shown inside the widget. This is an optional setting.

6) Button Text

This field determines the text that will be shown on the button.

7) Button Link

This is where the visitor will be directed to, when they click the button. Enter the full URL including the “http://” part in this field.

8) Open Link In

Set this to “New Tab” if you want the target link to open in a new browser tab for your visitors. We recommend that you use the “New Tab” setting only for external links, which take your visitors away from your own website.

Here’s what the widget with the above settings looks like in FocusBlog, so you can see how the fields correspond to the end result: