Thrive Knowledge Base

How to Use the Thrive Opt-In Widget

This widget will display a nice opt-in box in any widget area. It’s a great way to draw attention towards your opt-in offer and get more subscribers to your mailing list.

To set up the widget, in your WordPress dashboard go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets” and drag the “Thrive Opt-In Widget” into an available widget area. You will see the following options:


1) Title

This is the default widget title, which is used in all WordPress widgets. In most themes, the text you enter here is hidden on the front end, since it would otherwise conflict with the widget headline.

2) Color

Choose the color style for this widget.

3) Headline Text

This is the main headline shown in the opt-in widget.

4) Text

This is the body text shown in this widget. We recommend that you keep this short. One or two sentences is ideal.

5) Custom Image

Select an image to show inside the widget. This field is optional – leave it blank to create a widget that only contains text.

6) Button Text

This field determines the text that will be shown on the button.

7) Opt-In Integration

In this drop-down you will see a choice of all the Opt-Ins you’ve created. If you haven’t created any yet, check out this guide to see how it’s done.

Here’s an example of what the widget looks like in FocusBlog: