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WordPress Media Library Not Working with Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Leads

If you find that you're unable to add images through either the Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Leads, then it's likely that you are suffering from a conflict with W3 Total Cache.

​The Problem

If you have javascript minification enabled in W3 Total Cache settings then it can break the WordPress Media Library, preventing you from adding images to your content.​

The Solution

To fix this, we suggest that you disable minification for logged in users.  

This will mean that javascript won't be minified in the wp-admin area so that you can use the Content Builder and Thrive Leads without any issues and in the front end of your site (what the visitor sees) the scripts will still be minified to maximise performance and keep download times to a minimum.

Step 1. Go to W3 Total Cache Minify Settings

Step 2. Disable Minification Only for Logged in Users

You can then click on the blue button to "Save all settings".

You will then be able to edit your content and the media library will work without any issues.

Alternative Solution

If you are running a membership site that will be delivered to users who are logged in, then you may wish to use this alternative solution to retain performance for logged in users.

In the W3 Total Cache settings, you can set minification to be turned off for URLs that contain the suffix "?tve=true" or "&tve=true" as shown in the following screenshot:-​