Version 1.25 Released – Common Bugs Fixed

One of the great things about being able to do a "pre-launch" is that you can tell us all the issues that you've been having so we can then work through them and make the plugin as resilient as possible for you.

In the latest version of the Content Builder (version 1.25) we took a few moments away from developing new features and instead focused on fixing a number of bugs that you told us were annoying you!  


Here's an overview of what we've changed:-

​1. The Dreaded 404 Page Not Found Error

​Many of our awesome pre-launch customers wrote in to tell us that when they tried to edit a new post / page using the content builder they received a 404 error.

This was because the post/page didn't yet have a URL because it wasn't saved prior to loading the Content Builder.  

While the workaround for the user is very easy (you simply had to save the page and set a title first before loading the editor), it was very confusing for someone who didn't know what was happening.  This was the number 1 support problem that we had.

To overcome this, now if you try and edit a page before the title is set and it is saved, you'll get a notification like this to remind you:-​

We hope that this notification will prevent confusion for you and future users moving forward.

​2. "I Updated my Post and Lost My Content!"

​This was another "biggie".  To our alarm, a number of users reported that they managed to somehow overwrite content that they've created with the editor.

We couldn't immediately see how this was possible, but eventually managed to find the series of events to replicate the behavior.  

If a user created a post/page, saved it in the default WordPress editor, then edited the post/page in the Content Builder, created some content, hit save in the Content Builder and then went back to the original WordPress editor window and hit "Update" - then all the Content Builder content was lost.

We have now modified the plugin so that this will never happen again!  As of version 1.25, I'm confident enough to say that it's impossible for you to lose your data once it is saved.

We can only apologise that this wasn't picked up during our initial testing!

3. "I can't seem to Reliably Add Line Breaks"

In most editors, when you hit "shift + enter" together, you can create a line break.  However, in the Content Builder, the behaviour was slightly unexpected.

For example, in Chrome, if you wanted to create a line break, you had to hit "shift + enter" twice in a row for it to work.  In Firefox, you only had to do it a single time, but the resulting line was hidden, leading to confusion for the user.

We have now implemented a more robust algorithm for line breaks - so that now "shift + enter" always equals one line break in all browsers.​

4. "I Can't Undo any of my Changes"

​This was another big request from you.  Users reported that they sometimes moved elements into the wrong place, or deleted something by accident and the only way to retrieve the content was to build it all again.

This is clearly an inefficient way of working and so we set about building an efficient "undo/redo" function so that if you make a mistake then you can revert back.

Here are the new "Undo/Redo" controls on the control panel bar:-

5. I Can't Edit Call to Action / Testimonial Author Data Any More!

In one of the most recent releases, we managed to mistakenly push out a version of the plugin that made it very difficult to edit the testimonial / call to action meta data.

This is now back to normal and we apologise for the inconvenience that caused you.

Plenty More to Come...

​We have quite a few more "annoyance" fixes to come before the New Year, and we also have a number of new features planned for you, so stay tuned.

As always, thanks for being an awesome customer of ours!  ​

Author: Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is one of the co-founders of Thrive Themes.

  • Pete says:

    Fantastic work guys! I’m really starting to fall in love with Content Builder now, it’s got to the point where I’m even using it on the simplest of pages just because I prefer it to the WordPress editor. Keep the updates coming! :)

  • Jack says:

    Thank you so much!!
    After this update I felt most of the bugs have been fixed.
    Great work!
    Keep your work up!

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