We're Hiring a Content Marketer

Imagine the high you would feel if each article you publish got thousands of views instantly. Within minutes, comments are streaming in to compliment you, thank you and tell you how amazingly helpful your content is. On top of that, the article then gets shared hundreds of times...

That’s the dopamine rush you’d get as a content marketer for Thrive Themes!

Believe me, it feels as good as it sounds.

I used to publish articles on my own personal blog, but even after an entire year of consistently publishing every week, I only managed to build up a tiny audience that earned me a few hundred views per post.

I knew my content was good, but I wasn’t reaching as many people as I had hoped.

I wanted more…

When I published my first blog post on Thrive Themes, I was terrified… and beyond excited! 50,000+ People (that’s a whole football stadium full!) would get an email to come and read what I wrote.

I’d hit refresh every half hour and be amazed about the engagement I was getting – which even included a marriage proposal!

Do you know that feeling of wanting MORE? Such as:

  • Being part of a team of amazing marketers to brainstorm content ideas with so you don’t have to struggle or lie awake at night thinking about your next topic anymore
  • A design team who can help you with any and all graphics you would need to make outstanding content
  • A super engaged audience of tens of thousands that will send you love and thank you notes
  • Writing content you’re actually proud of rather than feeling like a Energizer bunny cranking out shitty, low-quality articles about topics you don’t care about just to get some money doing what you love most: writing.
  • Seeing how your articles are getting used in an overall marketing strategy rather than disappearing into the void of disposable internet content.
  • Becoming the rockstar writer you know you already are, faster. You’ll get coaching, feedback, training and more to help you improve your skills.

If so, you might just be the content marketer we're looking for!

We’re looking for a full-time content marketer who can create amazingly educational and entertaining content for our audience. That means we're not looking for SEO content writers, but for someone who takes pride in creating high quality, well thought-out content.

You’ll be creating posts like this one that are getting shared like hotcakes. Or writing in-depth content like this article and this one that blows minds and educates people about online marketing, like we also did in this piece.

But that’s just the beginning.

As one of our content marketers, you’re always keeping an eye open for new opportunities and ideas for content that will resonate with our audience and help the company grow. This can include things like: pitching and writing guest posts, creating Thrive University online courses, in-depth case studies, writing Thrive Themes product related content, promoting the content you write, ultimate guides, email copy, etc.

Here's what’s in it for you:

  • You’re paid doing what you really love: writing useful, well-thought out and helpful content. You’ll be writing content that you’re actually proud of and that will show off your writing and marketing skills. (No copy-cat or SEO keyword-stuffing content here!)
  • You’ll become a badass content marketer. We believe in personal growth. You’ll get feedback, coaching and access to books and training to improve your writing skills.
    You’ll be part of an amazing team of digital marketing geeks in a fast growing company.
  • You’ll get a dopamine rush seeing all the love notes & comments from our customers
  • You can work from home. Our entire marketing team works remotely. 
  • We don’t micromanage! 

In return we ask that you:

  • Know how to structure information, get a point across and explain complicated things in clear and concise ways.
  • Are committed to making each one of your articles the best resource about the subject on the web.
  • Love writing and are obsessed with making your content as engaging as possible for your readers.
  • Have been doing online marketing and feel comfortable sharing what you've learned with others. (This doesn’t mean you must have a degree in marketing...most of our team is 100% self-taught.) 
  • Are familiar with Thrive Themes, our teaching style and our products.
  • Are excited about improving your writing skills, getting out of your comfort zone and helping us to take our content marketing to the next level. This means you’re comfortable with getting constructive feedback and realize there's always room for improvement no matter how good you are or how long you’ve been writing.
  • Are reliable and comfortable with deadlines. We know we can count on you to get drafts and final content ready in time.
  • Are looking forward to being part of a team. Helping the other content marketers by reviewing their work and giving thoughtful feedback will be part of your day-to-day tasks.


  • Perfect spoken and written English
  •  Obsessive about online marketing and are constantly staying up to date on the latest trends and updates. 
  •  Growth Mindset is a 100% must, with zero exceptions.
  • You identify as a content marketer and NOT a content writer. If you don't know the difference you aren't the right person.
  • Good knowledge of WordPress (you’ve already built a WordPress website, published posts, installed plugins, etc.)

What a day would look like for you:

At the start of your workday, you connect to our Slack channel. After a short reflection on your weekly and quarterly goals, you decide with the head of marketing what the highest priority tasks are to get done that day and communicate them with the rest of the marketing team.

Now that you’re focused on what you need to accomplish that day, you start by writing the first draft on your next article. A few hours of uninterrupted writing time later, you’re ready to ask for a peer review on your first draft and continue your day by writing out design specs for the article.

After that you might put the final touches on another article that’s next in the publishing queue, peer review the writings from one of your colleagues and answer comments on your latest blog post.

And because one of the comments gave you inspiration for a new piece of content, you finish off your day by adding the content idea in our idea backlog ready to get started on when it fits into the publishing calendar.

As you can see, working as a content marketer for Thrive Themes gives you the perfect blend between autonomy and team support.

Still feel we could be a good fit? Here’s how to apply:

Send an email to colin[at]thrivethemes.com with the subject line “I’m a kick-ass content marketer” and start your email with, Hi Colin, then simply add 3 links to articles you've written and are proud of. Also, include where you heard about the job listing in the email.