Out of 100 People,
22 Will Read Your Email Only
6 Will See Your Fb Post...  

Time to build that list? Join us for the live webinar: 
"List Building in 2021" 

Thursday 17th of December
@ 10 AM Los Angeles (that's 1 PM in NY and 7 PM in Paris)

What We'll Cover in the Training:

The Mistakes to Avoid

Some mistakes are just so 2020... Find out what might be killing your list building efforts and how to fix it.

The One Strategy That Will Give You a Head Start in 2021

You'll discover what to do to stand out from the competition AND collect more qualified leads.

How to Treat Your List Well

Because having a list is nice, but having a list that opens your emails and WANTS to read your messages is better ;-)

Join is Live - It's Free and it's Fun


Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

Will the training be available as a replay?

Yes, we will record the webinar and make it available as a training within Thrive University.
But if you can, come join live :-) It's more fun and you can ask all your questions!

Do I need Thrive Themes Tools to Apply the Strategies in the Training?

We will cover the theory AND the how to. Of course we will show you how to implement the strategy using our tools. But even if you are not a Thrive Member yet, you will benefit from the strategies we teach.