Register Visitors for Your Zoom Webinars & Grow Your List Simultaneously with Thrive Leads

We constantly add new features to the Thrive Themes products, to help you increase your conversions day by day!

And we're not slowing down any time soon. Today we're announcing a webinar integration for our Lead Generation forms in the Thrive Themes plugins.

Say hello to Zoom Webinar!


In this article you'll be able to find out:

  • How to set up the Zoom API Connection with Thrive Themes 
  • How to allow the visitor to set up a reminder for your upcoming webinar and also, 
  • How to add the people that registered for the webinar to your mailing list, too.

Connecting Your Thrive Dashboard with Zoom

First of all, make sure to watch the tutorial video above to see just how quick and easy setting up this API connection really is.

1. Access Thrive Dashboard > API Connections

To start off, log into your WordPress site, click on the "Thrive Dashboard" option, scroll down to the "API Connections" card and click on "Manage Connections":

Look for the "API Connections" card in the Thrive Dashboard 

Then, click on "Add New Conncetion" and look for Zoom: 

Search for "Zoom" in the API Connections drop-down 

You’ll only need 2 pieces of information to integrate your Zoom account with your Thrive Themes Dashboard:

  • Your Zoom API key
  • Your Zoom API Secret key

You're gonna need the API key and the API secret

2. Look for the API Keys on Your Zoom Account

To get a hold of these two keys, access the Zoom Developers Platform

After you have logged into your account, hover over the account name in the top right hand corner of the screen, and select "Developer Account": 

Click on your Zoom account and select the "Developer Account" option

Select the "API" option and copy the two API keys: 

Access the "API" section and copy the two highlighted keys 

Then, simply paste the two API keys in the Zoom fields from your Thrive Dashboard connection area and your Thrive Themes products are connected to Zoom!

Set Up the Webinar Registration Form

Once your Thrive Dashboard is linked to your Zoom account, setting up a webinar registration form through any of your Thrive Themes lead generation forms becomes super simple.

To do that, first select your Lead Generation element and then click on the "Connect Form To Service" option found on the Thrive Architect sidebar:

Select the "Connect Form To Service" option from the sidebar

In the lightbox that appears next, choose the Zoom API connection:

Choose "Zoom" from the API Connections grid 

The next step is to set up the connection details. So, here you can:

  1. Select the account you used to create the webinar in the first place
  2. Choose the name of the webinar, in order to allow your visitors to register for it 

Be careful to register your visitors to the right webinar :) 

On the "Connection Details" step, choose the Zoom user you used and the name of the upcoming webinar

Next, you get to the "Set Form Fields" section. Here you can determine exactly what opt-in information you want to collect.

The email field is required, but you can also add optional name or phone number fields:

Determine what fields you want to use on the form 

Last, but not least, you get to the "Post Opt-in Action" part of the connection. Here you can determine what happens on the page after the visitor has registered for your webinar:

  1. Reload Page
  2. Redirect to Custom URL
  3. Show Success Notification
  4. Switch State (for Thrive Leads forms only)

Determine what happens after the user has registered for your webinar

Our recommendation is to keep the mommentum going and display a "Thank You" message to the visitor after they have registered. 

You can do this either by choosing the 2nd option to send them to a dedicated custom Thank You page, using the URL of that page. 

Or, if you're using Thrive Leads, you can use the 4th option and switch the state. 

This means that, after the visitor registers, you can instantly turn the same opt-in form into a "Thank You" lightbox instead (find out more about multiple states, here).

Remind the Visitor About Your Webinar

If you display a "Thank You" page or a "Thank You" state after the visitor has registered, you can also help them add a Webinar Reminder to their calendar.

We'll use Google Calendar for this example. 

Create the Google Calendar Event

In Google Calendar, create a new event, which will esentially be your webinar date and time:

Set up a Google Calendar event for your webinar

Save the event, select it again, click on the three dots and click on "Publish Event" option in the drop down menu:

Select the event again, click on the three dots and select "Publish event" 

This will open up another lightbox, where you need to copy the link for the event:

Copy the link of the event 

Link a Button on the "Thank You" State to the Event

Here's an example "Thank You" state for a Zoom webinar registration form: 

The "Thank You" state of a Zoom webinar registration form you could build

Simply highlight the button element and paste the event URL in the "Button Link" field found in the Thrive editor sidebar like this: 

Paste the link in the Button link field of the "Set Up a Reminder" button

Now, after the visitor clicks on the "Set Up a Reminder" button, they will be sent to their Google Account, being able to add the event to their calendar.

Grow Your Mailing List

If you also have an email marketing service in place, you can use the webinar registration form to add these webinar registrants to your mailing list too! 

While being GDPR compliant, of course...

To do this, click on the Lead Generation form element in your Thrive editor window, then select the "Advanced" option within the Main Options tab in the editor sidebar, and click on "Connect to multiple services": 

Select the "Connect to multiple services" option 

Finally, select your email marketing service from the API connections drop down menu and then go through the same setup steps like you did before, when setting up your API connection with Zoom.

If you need more help on setting up any of the third-party service API connections that Thrive Themes integrates with, check out this tutorial page here.

Set Up Your Own Webinar!

Are you thinking of hosting any Zoom webinars in the near future? 

Get your copy of Thrive Leads today so you can connect your opt-in forms to Zoom or one of our other webinar service integrations (currently GoToWebinar and WebinarJam Studio). 

Author: David Gavrilut

David is a video content creator and writer at Thrive Themes. When not at his working desk, he enjoys driving like an enthusiast, visiting the beautiful cities of Transylvania for the 100th time. Either that or he could end up watching an entire season of Friends in one day.

  • Johhnson says:

    Thanks for this awesome stuff but i have a few questions.

    1: how will this work for an evergreen webinar? Also, you didnt explain how the emails they’ll get prior to the webinar will come.

    2: If you do multiple connections, which of the platforms (zoom or EMS or both) will send the email prior to the webinar weather live or evergreen.

    3: This is kinda off question but i should ask it anywhere, does thrive theme have any plan to create order pages because that is missing in your collections, don’t you think you should create those?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Thanks for the comment, Johhnson!

      1. I’m not really sure how evergreen webinars work, but if you can set one up with Zoom, you can definitely link it to one of your Thrive lead generation forms. In terms of email, you determine on the Zoom platform how and when will the email be delivered.
      2. The email marketing system isn’t related to the webinar, so you determine on the EMS platform when you want to send the first email to the newly added lead.
      3. You mean “order pages”, as in “checkout pages”? Those can be a bit tricky to set up, because usually the payment services usually come with an integrated checkout page that isn’t the easiest thing to customize :)

      • Johhnson says:

        Thanks! Does it make sense to have the ‘check out’ pages without integrating it? Is that an option since we can use the codes on the payment services website to link it manually.

      • David Gavrilut says:

        Yes, I think that would make sense. Unfortunately, the only fields we can create at the moment with Thrive Architect are those found in the Contact Form element. But I think you can tweak them a bit and turn the form into a purchase form :)

  • Great facility and thanks for this really helpful video. Could you set this up to link to an Evergreen Webinar?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      That’s great to hear, Julian!

      I haven’t really looked into Evergreen Webinars, it depends what services you use to set them up. If you use one of the services with which we have integrations available, I don’t see any issue in setting it up :)

      • Hi David, And thanks for your reply. I was referring to Zoom. It seems to have a facility according to its sales page which states:
        “On-demand viewing – Expand your impact with on-demand or recurring webinars with recording and auto-generated transcripts.” Thanks, Julian

      • Johhnson says:

        This question is dear to my heart and this answer isnt satisfactory. I wish you can show how to link this to an evergreen webinar. I know you tried to do something like this in Youtube but it wasnt with an evergreen. How do we use thrive them with an evergreen webinar on either zoom or youtube. Thanks!

      • David Gavrilut says:

        I completely understand, Johhnson. I’m asking the rest of the Marketing team about this because most likely they have more experience with evergreen webinars. I’ll get back to you on this one :)

      • David Gavrilut says:

        Okay so we really haven’t used evergreen webinars. The idea is simple, if you can set up this evergreen webinar in Zoom (or any other supported service for that matter) it should show up in the Lead Generation dropdown as a webinar that you have created and towards which you can send your visitors. If this doesn’t work, the best solution is to open a support request, showing us the exact steps of how you would like this to work, with screenshots and everyting, and we will do our best to help you out :)

  • Ángel says:

    This integration is awesome and was greatly needed!! ????????????

    Hope EverWebinar will be next ????

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Glad to hear that, Ángel!

      Yesss, exactly! EverWebinar will be announced soon :D

  • Great News! Simple and effective explanation. Thank you, David.

    Pro Tip:

    After the Zoom Webinar is over and recorded, we could use it to set-up an evergreen funnel for lead generation, or a short course using Thrive Apprentice.

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Thanks for the useful information, Luis! :)

  • It´s important to note that you will get the API access only if you have a paid plan with ZOOM. API Keys are not available for free accounts, although they provide a free 60 day trial.

  • liz s says:

    Woohoo! This is fantastic and it looks awesome. Thank you :)

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Yaay! Thanks a lot for the comment, Liz :D

  • Fred says:

    Awesome! Any plans for Zapier integration?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Yes, it could happen, we have plenty of requests for it. I’ve added your vote to the list :)

  • Bhavesh N says:

    I had to sign up for a 60-day trial of Zoom Developer Portal to get the API. Would I need this service for the connection to work after the trial has expired?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to create any upcoming webinars after the Zoom trial ends in the first place…

  • Great timing! I was literally about to set up all my opt ins for my upcoming webinar!

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Nice! Glad to hear that, Lisa :)

  • Oliver Scheiber says:

    Hey guys,

    its nice to see the new API connections you’re putting out lately. But please make for us German users a integration for, it would be really great! Thanks!


    • David Gavrilut says:

      Hello, Oliver :)

      I’ll add Webinaris to our feature requests list.

      However, we do have an integration with a German API service available, KlickTipp :)

      • Oliver Scheiber says:

        Yes, but KlickTipp is an email service only and besides that, I am using GetResponse. We German users really need a API connection for Webinaris AND Digistore24.

        Anyway, thanks David!

      • David Gavrilut says:

        Anytime, Oliver :)

  • 1. Is this only available through Thrive Leads? If “no”, then what are all the Thrive products that will have this included. I’m looking to integrate this on a customer’s site and need to make sure they have the right Thrive product.

    2. Can the zoom broadcast be embedded on a page?

    3. Can the page be setup on a schedule? Example: a daily broadcast that shows registration for “the next” broadcast.

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Hi, Richard!

      1. It is available in any Thrive Themes product that uses the Lead Generation element. So, Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder and you can even strech one in Thrive Ultimatum, as well :)
      2. I’m not sure that can be done, people will have to be redirected to the Zoom platform.
      3. Can you elaborate this idea a bit further? I want to make sure I understand it properly.

      • Richard P says:

        3. I think I figured it out, the broadcast can be done on any recurring basis, it just takes wording the text on the signup form to indicate the schedule.

  • Branko Mijatovic says:

    I’m a little confused. So does that mean I have to manually create an event and copy the link into the opt-in page every time? Or does the zoom integration autogenerate that information for me through the API?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      You don’t have to copy any link. If the webinar is set up in Zoom, the lead generation element will recognize it and you’ll find it in the second drop-down of “Set Connection Details”

  • Simon H says:

    Great stuff! Does this work with standard Zoom meetings as well as Zoom webinars? For smaller presentations, Zoom meetings are sometimes sufficient.

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Hi, Simon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with meetings, only with webinars.

      • Are there plans for this to allow for meetings in the future?

      • David Gavrilut says:

        I’m not sure how useful would that be, because the meetings are usually attended by a small number of people that can easily join. For example, if someone wants to join the Zoom meeting from a phone, they can download the Zoom app and join right away. In the case of the webinar, you sometimes end up with a large list of participants, which is easy to manage with Thrive Leads.

      • Renée D says:

        Zoom meetings can be attended by up to 100 participants. Wether or not that’s a small number of people will depend on who you’re asking. ;-)

        But besides that: meetings are “up close and personal”. The next best thing to meeting live.

        This shortens the famous know/like/trust-‘proces’ immensly.
        And (because of that?) gives a higher retention rate AND a higher conversion rate.

        So if you could and would put Leads + Meeting on the Wish List, you’ld make a lot of us very happy!

        The guys over at Zoom assured me that there are no issues with it on their side. :-)

      • Wim B says:

        Agree with Renée.

        I think and see that Zoom Meetings id pretty much as important as Zoom Webinar. I have been in Meetings with around 250 to 300 people and its possible to go max to 1000 people. Besides that, not everybody need or want al the webinar functionality. A couple of people I follow use it to keep it more accessible for everybody, even they also use/have WebinarJam or GoToWebinar.

        Also for very specific group meetings with a different meeting ID, so not everybody can join, only the specific group invited.

        Keep up the good work, TT always amazes and suprises me in a very good way. Really love the Stuff.


    • David Gavrilut says:

      That’s awesome, Ariane! Thanks for the comment :)

  • Swantje G says:

    Isn’t it possible to integrate f.e. Klick-Tipp as a html-Form and Zoom via API to collect the details (surname, name) more exactly than with the API-connection?

    If not, it is a pity and wouldn’t it be possible to develop this feature?

    Thank you very much!

  • Swantje G says:

    Isn’t it possible to integrate f.e. Klick-Tipp as a html-Form and Zoom via API to collect the details (surname, name) more exactly than with the API-connection?

    If not, it is a pity and wouldn’t it be possible to develop this feature?

    Thank you very much!

  • Omar says:

    Actually the is redirecting to
    So I cant follow this… anyone with this problem?

    • David Gavrilut says:

      Yes, they recently changed their interface, we’re working on updating this. In the meantime, you can see if someone from Zoom can help with this :)

  • >