Adding a New Course Completion Template

Choosing the course completion behaviour can be a crucial step in the end-to-end student experience.

We have added a new type of Thrive Apprentice template in our fully-customizable visual editor, for you to help you build templates that are specifically designed to be used in one of the final steps – course completion:

You can edit the already existing templates, or simply create a new one from scratch. The process is fairly similar to adding or editing templates in Thrive Theme Builder, so if you have already built your site with Thrive Theme Builder then this process will be familiar to you.

Here’s how you can add a new “Course Completion” template from the Thrive Apprentice editor:

Access the Thrive Apprentice dashboard

First, you will have to access the Thrive Apprentice dashboard and its “Template editor” section.

For that, go to your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over the “Thrive Dashboard” menu item from the left side, and click on “Thrive Apprentice” from the sub-menu that appeared:

Look for the “Design” section from the left sidebar and click on it:

Go to your active design (or to the one for which you want to add/edit the template) and click on the “Edit Design” button in order to start customizing the design currently applied to your Thrive Apprentice courses:

And in the new dashboard that opens, in the “Template editor” card, click on “Manage Templates”:

Add & Set Up the New Module Template

The “Templates” section that opens is where view the already existing template and add new ones:

Just as already mentioned, you can either edit the existing templates or create new ones.

If you want to edit a template, simply hover over the one you want and click on “Edit”:

The Thrive Apprentice editor will open, from where you are able to customize all aspects related to the design of this template.

Now, in case you want to add a new course completion template, you’ll have to click on “+Add New”:

This will open the pop-up window with the options for adding and setting up the new template:

You will need to complete/choose a few aspects of the new template here, before being able to add it, as follows:

New Template Name

The first thing you need to do is to name the new template. Enter the name you want in the “New Template Name” section of the pop-up:

Choose Content Type

You will then have to choose the content type, depending on how you would like to use this template. Open the dropdown and choose “Course completion” from the list of available options:

From here on, you have the option of starting from scratch, from a blank template, or choosing from a pre-made design:

  • Start from Scratch

If you want to build the design for this template from scratch and customize it entirely by yourself then simply click on the “Start from Scratch” button. This will take you back to the list of “Course completion” templates, and you’ll have a blank template that you can start editing and customizing right away:

  • Choose template

The second option, to choose from a pre-designed template, will open a pop-up with some available templates created by our design team:

To choose one, simply click on it and click on “Create Template”:

In this case as well, you will be taken to the list of Course Completion templates and you can hover over your new one, click on “Edit”, which will open the template editor from where you can continue customizing your template design as you wish.

Once you’ve accessed the template editor, you are able to start adding elements and sections to your templates, that will later on be applied to the course completion pages you will create.

Here are some articles that might help you find out more about how to get the most out of your Thrive Apprentice editor:

Once the template has been created, you can go ahead and apply it to the course completion pages of your choice. Please read this article to see how to apply Thrive Apprentice templates to your content.

Hopefully, this was a helpful article. If you need more information on Thrive Apprentice designs/templates, or any other Thrive Themes plugins, make sure to check out our knowledge base.

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