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Adding a New Testimonial Manually Through Thrive Ovation

There are cases in which you want to display a testimonial that ​wasn’t captured through our plugin or through Social Media. These cases can either refer to receiving a testimonial through email, through other websites, and so on.

In order to display such testimonials on your website, you can see below how to manually add a testimonial with Thrive Ovation.

To do this, simply access the Thrive Ovation page from the “Thrive Dashboard” menu:

After you have accessed the Thrive Ovation dashboard, look for the blue button that says “Add New” and click on it:

Once you have clicked the “Add New” button, a window where you can add all the information about your new testimonial will pop up on your screen.

This window contains different fields which refer to the identity of the person who wrote the testimonial, his/her picture, and the actual testimonial text:

As soon as you have completed the required fields and have added the testimonial, it will be saved on the Thrive Ovation dashboard.

On the right-hand side, you will notice a drop list that represents the status of each testimonial. If you add a testimonial manually it will already be ready for display, and eligible to be shown on your website:

On the right-hand side, you will also notice ​three icons – you can duplicate the testimonial (1), edit the testimonial (2) and a button which allows you to delete it (3):

If you decide that the testimonial that you have manually added is ready for display you can go ahead and display it on your website.

To find out more about how to display your testimonials, check out this article.

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