Capturing Testimonials with Thrive Ovation

The “Capture Testimonial” feature allows you to display a form through which your visitors and users can share their thoughts and experiences on your website.

In order to use the feature, you have to access the Thrive Ovation plugin from the Thrive Dashboard menu item.

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and hover over the “Thrive Dashboard” item from the menu on the left side. A new section will appear with your Thrive Products. Here, click on “Thrive Ovation”:

After you have accessed the Thrive Ovation dashboard, look for the Capture Testimonials menu item on the top of the page and, when you find it, click on it:

Once you have opened the submenu, you can select the method through which you want to capture a testimonial:


You can only capture testimonials if you have the Thrive Architect or the Thrive Leads plugin installed and activated on your website.

Capture using Thrive Architect

If you choose to capture your testimonial using Thrive Architect, once you select that option, a video tutorial that will walk you through the process will pop up on the screen. You can see the same instructional video, below:

The steps to capture testimonials using Thrive Architect are as follows:

In your Thrive Architect editor, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar, in order to add the element:

Click on the “Capture Testimonials” element or look for it in the search bar, then drag and drop it wherever you want it to display on your page:

Right after you do that, a template pop-up will automatically open. This is where you can choose the template that you want to use for your testimonial capturing form. Choose one and click on the green “Save” button:

All the options of the element will appear on the left sidebar:

We have a dedicated article in our knowledge base, that explains in detail how you can use each of these options:

This would be one of the ways in which you can capture testimonials.

Capture using WordPress Shortcodes

The second option from the drop list is “Capture using WordPress Shortcodes”. Click on it if you want to use shortcodes for your testimonials:

You will be redirected to the “Testimonial Capture Shortcodes” page.

Add the Shortcode

In order to add a new shortcode, look for the button that says “Add New”, or simply click on the box in which you can find the text that says “New capture shortcode”:

Then, you will be asked to name your shortcode. Do that, and then click on the green “Save and Continue” button:

Once you have clicked one of the buttons and you have given a title to the shortcode, you will be taken back to the Thrive Ovation page, where you can see the new shortcode:

Edit the Shortcode

The next thing you need to do is select the template you want from the “Testimonial Capture Templates” grid. You can do that either by clicking anywhere on the “Choose Template” field or by clicking on the “Edit” button:

This will open a new tab with your page, and a pop-up will automatically open, where you have to choose your template from:

Select one, and then click on the green “Save” button.

Once you have selected a template, a demo post with a preview of the capture form will be opened, this way you can have a live preview of it and start customizing it to fit your website’s needs.


You are able to change the color of certain components of the template. To do this, look for the “Color” item found on the top of the page. When you find it, click on it and choose the “Template Color” that you want from the section that appears:

Form Settings

Besides the color, you can also adjust the settings of the template by accessing the “Form Settings” item, found next to the “Color” item:

Click on it if you want to change the form fields, whether or not they are required, including images, and so on. The form settings are exactly the same as the form settings when capturing testimonials using Thrive Architect.

Once you’re done customizing, click on the green “Save” button.

Change Template

You can also change the template if you decide that another one fits your website better. To do that, click on the “Change Template” button next to the “Form Settings” one:

This will open the pop-up again, where you can simply choose another template and click on “Save” after you do.

In order to be able to use the newly created shortcode, save the changes you have made, by clicking the “Save Changes” button on the top of the page:

Copy the Shortcode

Then, go back to your Thrive Ovation Dashboard and go to the “Testimonial Capture Shortcodes” page. To copy your shortcode and later place it on a certain page/post simply click the green button that says “Copy”:

Place the Shortcode into Your Post/Page

Once you have copied the shortcode, you can go to a page/post, edit it using the editor of your choice, and add the shortcode to the post/page. I will use the WordPress editor as an example.

This way, wherever you paste the shortcode in the content, the testimonial form will be displayed on the live post/page.

For example, I’ve placed the shortcode in between two paragraphs:

Preview the page, and you will see that the shortcode placed in between the two paragraphs will look like this for the users:

If you decide you want to make certain changes to the newly created shortcode, go back to the Thrive Ovation Dashboard, and go to the “Capture using WordPress Shortcodes” section.

If you hover over the shortcode you’ve just created, you will see the “Preview & Edit” text:

Click on it in order to be taken back to the WordPress demo page where you can edit your shortcode.

Furthermore, if you click the item on the three dots shown in the picture below, you can edit its title or even delete the shortcode:

In order to understand the entire process of capturing testimonials using WordPress Shortcodes properly, check out the tutorial video below:

As in the case presented above for “Capturing Testimonials using Thrive Architect”, if you set out an API connection with Facebook and/or Google your visitors will have the option of uploading their Facebook or Google picture on the capture form.

Capture using Thrive Leads

The third method of capturing testimonials is using Thrive Leads.

Watch the video below to find out how to do that:

Import from Social Media

Apart from capturing a testimonial through the methods presented above, you can also import a certain testimonial using Social Media. You can find out more about this option by clicking here.

This concludes the article about how to capture testimonials using Thrive Ovation.

If you need more information about various products, check out our knowledge base.

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