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Adding Multiple Choice Questions Using Thrive Quiz Builder

If you are looking for a way to set up your quiz questions so that users are able to select more than one answer, read this short article.

This can be done when creating a new quiz (or editing an existing one), by accessing your quiz and editing the questions. To start, access your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard:

To add a new quiz, click on the “Add new quiz” option:

You can then choose if you want to start from scratch or build your quiz starting from an existing template:

Next, choose the quiz type:

And decide on the evaluation type:

Then, before getting to the questions, you will have to decide on a quiz style:

Select one of the available templates:

Once you do that, you will be able to start adding and editing your questions. Click on “Manage” here:

Click on any of the two buttons to start adding questions:

Choose the question type. As an example, I will go for the “Multiple choice with buttons” one:

Here, when setting up the answers to the question, you will see the “Maximum selectable answers” option. This is where you can set the number of answers that can be chosen by someone that takes the quiz. In this case, for example, there are three correct answers. I will input “3” in the numerical field:

Note: the number you add in this field will depend on the number of answers you’ve added. For example, if you’ve only added two answers to a quiz question, you will not be able to add more than two maximum selectable answers.

As a result, the user will be able to select three answers:

If you are setting up multiple answers for your quizzes, we also recommend accessing your Quiz Settings and enabling quiz navigation.

This way, the quiz takers can go back to a previous question when taking your quiz and select different answers, even if they’ve chosen multiple ones.

When you access the quiz settings, you will have the option to enable the toggle that allows the users to go back and revisit previous questions. This is called “Display navigation buttons”:

You’ll immediately see these two buttons, that allow users to advance to the next question, or go back:

This is how you create quiz questions with multiple correct answers. Make sure to check out our dedicated Thrive Quiz Builder knowledge base section, if you want to learn more about using quizzes on your website.

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