Editing the Quiz Style


For the moment, this option is only available for the “Minimalist” Quiz Style.

After creating a new quiz and after you’ve chosen a type and style for it, you can change the aspect of it, if you want.

Check out this article, to see how to create a quiz from scratch. Once you’ve chosen the style, you will see this, on your quiz page:

In the “Quiz Style” card, you will have two options: to edit the design, or to change the style. If you click on “Change”, a pop-up will open, with the available quiz styles, and you can choose another style.

More details on how to pick your quiz style can be found in this article.

However, this article will explain what happens if you click on “Edit Design”:

Doing this will open an example of the quiz questions and answers in the Thrive Architect editor:

You can then start clicking on various items (answers, questions, descriptions, etc.) and edit them, using the left sidebar options.

Edit the Quiz Builder Questions

When you select an element, in the editor, you will see the “Quiz Builder Questions” section, in the breadcrumbs:

Clicking on it will open some options in the left sidebar:


By default, the quiz style will have its own colors, but you can change that if you want to. For that, from the “Colors” section, click on the color box:

This opens a color picker pop-up. Choose the color that you want, and then click on “Apply”:

This will change the color for various items of the quiz:

You can then use all of the rest of the general options to further customize the “Quiz Builder Questions”.

Reset to Default Layout

If you ever need to reset the quiz style and bring it back to its initial look, click on the “Reset to Default Layout” option:

Besides these options, you can also edit the way the question text and question description looks like. For that, all you have to do is click on each text, and use the left sidebar “Typography” settings, as advised here.

Edit the Quiz Builder Answers

If you want to edit the way the answers look like or their containers, you can do that by selecting the section with the answers, in the editor, and then using the left sidebar options:

You can use the “Typography” section to customize the text, and the general options, to customize the containers. When you’re done customizing the quiz style, click on the green “Save Work” button, to make sure everything has been saved:

Then, you can go back to the quiz page, and continue setting it up.

Please make sure to check out all of the Thrive Quiz Builder articles and tutorials, if you need more information about this.

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