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How to Send the Quiz Result to your Autoresponder in a Custom Field

While setting up a "Lead Generation" element, either on the Opt-in Gate of your quiz, or on the Results Page you set up for it, you have the option to send the quiz result to your autoresponder, via a custom field. Before you start, you should set up a new field in your autoresponder where you […]

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How to Send Quiz Results Through the Opt-In Gate or the Results Page

This article will explain how you can send the quiz results using tags or custom fields, through either the Opt-In Gate of a quiz, or the Results Page.  When using an autoresponder, after someone takes the quiz, you can either send the results through a tag, or through custom fields. Keep reading the article to find […]

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How to Import/Export Thrive Quiz Builder Quizzes

You can easily import quizzes in Thrive Quiz Builder and further customize them, or you can export the ones that you have already created to your computer. This article will go through the steps in which you can do that. The first thing that you need to do in order to do any of these actions, […]

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How to Add Audio Questions to a Quiz

Besides adding the standard “Text Questions”, as well as the "Video Questions", Thrive Quiz Builder also allows you to add "Audio Questions" to your quiz. This way, the people who take your quiz can hear the question, and not just read it, making your quiz more interesting and interactive. You can add an "Audio Question" to a […]

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Set an Email Notification in the Notification Manager for Quiz Completions

If you have created a quiz on your website, you can easily use the “Notification Manager” to set up notifications for it. This way, you can be notified via email whenever someone completes a quiz. The email you receive can contain the name of the person who took the quiz, the email and the answers. If you […]

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How to Add a Progress Bar to a Quiz

If you add a progress bar to your quiz, quiz takers will have the possibility to see their progress while taking the quiz. The progress bar will display how many questions are still left from a quiz. Adding such a progress bar to your quiz can improve user engagement and it can also increase the chances […]

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How to Add Video Questions to a Quiz

When you are building a quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder, besides adding the standard “Text Questions”, you also have the possibility to add multimedia questions, such as “Video Questions” to your quiz. This way, you can make your quiz even more interesting/interactive for your users, because they will see a video and not just read the […]

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How does the ‘Forward Results to URL’ option Work in Thrive Quiz Builder

​Whenever you add redirect settings to one of the quizzes that you build using ​Thrive Quiz Builder, you will have an additional option: the "Forward Results to URL" option. With the help of it, you can forward specific query-string parameters into the URL/the link of the page/post, or external page, that you set up as the […]

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How to Add Redirect Settings to a Quiz

While you are setting up your quiz in Thrive Quiz Builder you have the possibility to use the "URL Redirect" option, with the help of which you can add redirect settings to a quiz. What this means is that you can redirect the people who take your quiz to one of your pages/posts, or to a […]

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How to Add Open Ended Questions to a Quiz

When you are building a quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder, you now have the possibility to add open ended questions to it as well. This way you can create a quiz that has multiple choice questions and open ended questions too. The open ended questions can help you learn more about the users who complete your […]

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