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When to Load an HTML Code to Track Conversions

In case you are using the “Custom HTML” element to add a conversion tracking script to one of your pages, there is an important thing that you should consider: When should the HTML code snippet/the script you add loaded on the page? Quick Navigation Thrive LeadsDefault state of formsNon-default state of formsThrive Quiz BuilderQuizzes with one […]

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How to Clone a Quiz with the Thrive Quiz Builder

With the help of the “Clone Quiz” option you can now easily make a copy of your existing quizzes, make any modification you want to them and then, use them on your pages. This means that you don’t have to go through every step of creating a quiz again, you can just clone a quiz and […]

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Profiling in Thrive Quiz Builder – How to be GDPR Compliant

First of all: What exactly is profiling? According to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), profiling is defined as being the automated processing of data to analyze or to make predictions about individuals - Meaning that simply "assessing or classifying individuals based on characteristics" could be considered profiling.If you're not familiar with the GDPR situation, don't forget to […]

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How to Build Tagged Answers in Thrive Quiz Builder

The "Tag" feature from Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to add one or more tags to each of the answers from the Questions Editor.  The main purpose of building tagged answers is to achieve a deeper segmentation. These tags will be automatically added to your mailing list, if you have connected your Opt-in Gate to a mailing service. The […]

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The “Right/Wrong” Quiz Type

The "Right/Wrong" quiz type allows you to set a correct answer for each question on your quiz. The final result will be then calculated according to how many correct answers your user has given. ​Apart from the information found in this article, below you can also see a video tutorial that will walk you through the entire […]

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How to Use the Dynamic Content Feature on the Opt-in Gate

This article will walk you through the entire process of using the Dynamic Content feature on the Opt-in Gate, in Thrive Quiz Builder. The main purpose of the Dynamic Content in the Opt-in Gate is to get your users to subscribe on different mailing lists, depending on their final result. This way you can target your […]

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How to Link to the Next Stage in the Quiz Manually Using the Live Editor

When you're editing a Splash Page or an Opt-in Gate, you can add a hyperlink to the "next step in the quiz". If you add this link from the Splash Page, then the link will trigger the questions to appear. If you add this link from the Opt-in Gate, then the link will trigger the Results […]

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How to A/B Test Your Quiz Pages

In order to improve your conversion rate, the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin gives you the possibility to run A/B tests between variations that you set up on your Splash Page, Opt-in Gate or on your Results Page. What is an A/B Test?An A/B test consists in comparing two versions of a web page to see […]

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Overview of the Reporting Suite in Thrive Quiz Builder

You might be wondering how to find out how your quizzes are performing. If so, then I'm pleased to introduce you to the reporting suite - the one place where you can find all the conversion data for each of your quizzes.​ You can access the reporting suite from any Thrive Quiz Builder admin screen by clicking […]

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Using the Dynamic Content Feature on your Quiz Results Page

The dynamic content feature in Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to change the content of the results page depending on the result that the visitor obtained.In order to exemplify how the Dynamic Content feature works, we have created a simple IQ test and created variations of the results page as follows: In the example above, […]

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