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Linking to the Next Stage in a Quiz Manually Using the Live Editor

When you’re editing a splash page or an opt-in gate, you can add a hyperlink to the “Next step in quiz”.

If you add this link from the splash page, then the link will trigger the questions (the start of the quiz). If you add this link from the opt-in gate, then the link will take the quiz taker to the results page.

This can be useful if you want to create your own custom buttons or images that take visitors to the next stage in the quiz.


Also, you can use this feature if you want your user to be sent straight to the results page after he has signed up on your opt-in gate. Find out more about this from here.

In this example, I will create a text hyperlink that will link the splash page to the start of the quiz. Please note that this quick link feature is only available if you have Thrive Quiz Builder installed and you are editing either the “Splash Page” or the “Opt-in Gate”.

Firstly, add some text and select it:

Click on the “Link” option or press Ctrl+K:

Then, on the pop-up window, select the “Dynamic” section:

If you click on the “Dynamic” section, you will notice that the “Next step in quiz” will be selected by default, so that the next step in the quiz is linked to the text.

The text will now be hyperlinked and when clicked, will be redirected to the next step of the quiz.

To send your users directly to the results page after they have signed up on your opt-in gate all you have to do is connect the form to your mailing service, using an API connection. You can find out how to establish such a connection in this article.

After the form is connected to your preferred mailing service, your user will be able to sign up on your mailing list and, after he has submitted his details, he will be sent to the Results Page.

You can also link images and buttons to the ”Next step in quiz” using the “Button link” and the “Image Link” options.

Both options can be accessed from the left sidebar of your Thrive Architect editor:

On your splash page, for example, you will notice a “Start Quiz” button, which is loaded by default. You can either link this one to take you to the next step of the quiz, or add a new button from the list of elements, and link that one:

Click on it, and then go to the “Main Options” section in the left sidebar:

Look for the “Button Link” and you will notice that the “Dynamic link” option is selected by default, and linked directly to the “Next step in quiz”:

And that’s pretty much it! The button is linked automatically to your quiz. You can keep the button as it is, or you can further customize it to your own liking.

Here’s a detailed article on how you can do that.

If you want to link your quiz to an image instead of a button, you can easily do that by adding the “Image” element from the right sidebar of your editor.

To do that, you can proceed just like in the case of any other Thrive Architect element, by going to the right sidebar and clicking on the plus sign:

Then, look for the “Image” element in the list, and simply drag and drop it to your page:

Once you have chosen the desired image from your “Media Library”, click on it to access the “Main Options” section of the sidebar.

Here, look for the “Add link to image” option and click on it:

Next, select the “Dynamic Link” option:

You will notice that the “Next step in quiz” is selected automatically, so don’t forget to click on the “Insert” button to make sure the image is linked to your quiz:

This is how you can easily link an image to the next step of the quiz.

Remember you can always read more information about the Thrive Quiz Builder from our knowledge base articles available here.

I hope this article covered everything you needed to know about how to link a button to the “Next step in your quiz”. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to reward it with a smile below! 🙂

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