Adding Tags to New Posts Automatically

You can use Thrive Automator in various ways, one of which being to automate the process of adding tags/categories to newly-published or updated posts.

This short article will show you how you can automatically add tags to a new post, right after it gets published.

Start by accessing Thrive Automator from the left sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard:

Create a new automation using the top-right button:

You can start by naming the automation:

It’s time to set up the start trigger. For this automation, we will choose the “Post is published” WordPress trigger:

If necessary, you’re able to condition the automation to only fire for certain posts, using this dropdown:

Next, choose the “Add post tags” WordPress action:

You can then set up and choose the tags to be added to a post, each time you publish one. You can add one or multiple tags here. Click on “Done” when you’re finished:

The automation is ready. You can set it to “Active” and click on “Save and finish”:

You’re all set. Each time you publish a new post, the tag(s) will automatically be added:

Hopefully, this short article was useful! Check out this section of our knowledge base for more examples of automations.

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