Animation Settings in Thrive Leads Forms

Besides trigger and display frequency settings, you can also customize the animation settings of lightbox opt-in forms.

To open animation settings, go to ​the lightbox forms’ individual page – either in 2 Step Lightboxes or inside a Lead Group. This is how the page looks like:

Under “Animation” you can see a text in blue (in the example it is “Zoom in”). Click on this blue text for the animation settings:

This step will open up the animation settings pop-up. Click on the field with the animation, to open a list with all the available ones:

There are several animation options:

  • Instant

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out

  • Rotational

  • Slide in from Top

  • Slide in from Bottom

  • Slide in from Left

  • Slide in from Right, etc.

Under the list of animation options that you can choose from the drop-down menu, you can see the preview of each selected animation. This is exactly how your lightbox form will appear on your site:

To apply​ the chosen animation, click on “Save”:

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