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Configuring the Display Settings for your Form in Thrive Leads

Once you have built your form, it is important to set where and when you want it to appear on your site. There are several ways you can do this.

Thrive Lead Groups

If you created a Thrive Lead Group, here is how you can set the display settings.

1. Changing the Display Settings of an Individual Form

With Thrive Lead Groups you can create five different types of opt-in forms: Ribbon, Widget, Post Footer, Slide In, and Lightbox. Their display settings are set in a very similar way.

Each of these forms is built in a separate page which you can reach by clicking on the “Add” or “Edit” button (depending on whether you have already created forms or not):

Ribbon Display Settings

As you click on the above mentioned “Add” or “Edit” button, you will be led to the ribbon forms’ page. If you haven’t build any ribbon form yet, create a new form.

You can set the trigger, i.e. how you want the form to appear.

For example immediately or just after a certain period of time.

To open the trigger settings, click on the blue “Displays immediately on page load” text, indicated by the red arrow:

From the pop-up that opens, choose when you would like the form to be displayed:

The other thing is the display frequency, that is, how much time it takes before the same visitor will be shown the same form again. Here you can set a number of days by the slider or by typing a certain number into the box:

If you create any other type of form belonging to the Lead Group, you can set these display settings exactly the same way.

Besides the options offered by the ribbon forms as well, lightboxes also offer you the option of customizing the animation:

Here are the possible options you can choose from a drop-down menu:

To make sure you choose an animation you like, you can always see the preview of the selected animation.


As you build a widget form, you can only set the trigger settings:

Post Footer

For the “Post Footer” you can see below that you can customize the “Trigger” settings:

Slide In

There is an extra display option – you can set the position of the slide in form. Click on the blue “Bottom Right” text, indicated by the red arrow, to open “Position” Settings:

Here are the possible position options which you can choose from a drop-down menu as you can see on the image below:

2. Changing the Display Settings of the Whole Lead Group

One of the main points of collecting many forms under the same lead group is that the same display setting applies to all the forms in the group.

So if you want to show a lightbox on all of your blog posts and you want to show a post footer opt-in form on all of your blog posts, they’ll need to be in the same lead group.

Following the same logic, if you want to show a lightbox only on a specific category of your website and a ribbon on another category they will have to be in separate lead groups.

On the Thrive Leads Dashboard, under Lead Group, choose the lead group of which you would like to edit the display settings. On the right, you can see three icons – to start editing, click on the cogwheel icon, indicated by the second red arrow in the image:

This will open up a new window.

The two main sections here are Display Logic (1) and Exclusions (2):

The Display Logic section is used to set when you want your forms to be displayed. You can choose one or more categories, tags, post type, given posts or pages, switching between the tabs. Here is an example:

In this example, the “Categories, etc.” tab is open.

Here only one category is chosen, but you can choose as many as you want, even from different tabs. The numbers between the brackets will tell you how many criteria you have chosen so far.

The Exclusion section is the complete opposite – set when you do not want the forms to be displayed:

Customize the “Display Settings” as you best see fit, and then save these settings as a template if you want to use them later:

You can open the saved template from the same window, on the upper right side:

When you are done with all the Lead Group Display Settings, click on “Save & Close”:

For more information about Lead Groups, you can check out the knowledge base article Lead Groups – What they are and how they work.


In terms of “Display Settings” available for the ThriveBoxes, you have the option of customizing the “Animation”:

As explained above in the case of the Thrive Lead Groups, select the “Animation Settings” that best fit your page:

These are the options for setting up the “Display Settings” for various types of forms that you might have in your Thrive Leads Dashboard.

Hopefully, this article covered everything you needed to know about the “Display Settings”.

If so, don’t hesitate to leave a smile below 🙂

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