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Description of All the Different Types of Thrive Leads Forms

With Thrive Leads, you can create five different types of opt-in forms. You can read their description below.

The Ribbon Form

A ribbon form is displayed on the top of your page and it is usually a long horizontal bar. As you build this form, it is important to take into account that the content of the page will be scrolled down with the same amount as the ribbon’s height.

The ribbon will always stay on top, even when the user scrolls the page​. You can build this type of form inside a Lead Group.

There are two display setting options you can set: trigger and display frequency.​

Here is an example of how a ribbon form can look like, built with Thrive Leads:​

The Lightbox Form

A Lightbox or Popup is displayed on top of the content, covering it​.

There are many options with a lightbox: for example, it can be set to only appear when visitors are about to exit your site, to only appear to new visitors, and so on. You can build a lightbox under Thrive Lead Groups or under 2 Step Lightboxes.

There are three display setting options offered: “Trigger”, “Display Frequency”, and “Animation”:

Here is an example of a Thrive Leads Lightbox:

The Widget Form

Widget is a sidebar opt-in form that appears only in WordPress widget areas​. A widget can be built inside a Thrive Lead Group. You can set the trigger option:

Here is an example of a widget, built with Thrive Leads:

The Post Footer Form​

You can build a post footer form under a Thrive Lead Group​ or Thrive Lead Shortcodes. This opt-in form appears at the bottom of your content, which is a popular area to capture names and email addresses.

This form does not have any width settings – it will expand to the full width of the content area of your theme.

The only display setting you can set is the trigger:

Here is an example of how a post footer can look like:

The Slide-In Form​

Slide-in is an opt-in form that slides in from the edge of the content and sits on the edge of the screen. It is usually in the bottom right, but its position can be anywhere. You can change it, just like the trigger and the display frequency:

Here is an example of a slide-in opt-in form:

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