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Setting a Display Priority for Thrive Leads Forms

With Thrive Leads, you can set the priority of display of your Lead Groups i.e. which of the groups has precedence over the others. This can come in handy if you have built multiple groups. Keep in mind that this setting can only be done on Lead Groups – not on the individual forms in one group, Lead Shortcodes or ThriveBoxes.

Setting the priority of your Lead Groups works by simply dragging and dropping the elements. You can find Lead Group in the Thrive Leads Dashboard, which you can find by going to Thrive Dashboard:

Where you need to click on the “Thrive Leads Dashboard” button of this card:

On the Thrive Leads Dashboard, this is where you will find Lead Groups:

Each of the Lead Groups can be moved very easily by grabbing the group element by the blue expand icon which looks like this:

As you grab the element by the expand icon you can drag and drop it as many positions above or below as you want. While a group is grabbed, a blue dotted line will show you where the element would land if it was dropped at that moment.

The one on the top will have the highest priority and the last one will have the lowest.

Setting the priority therefore only takes one step and looks like this:

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