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Lead Groups – What They Are and How They Work

Thrive Leads is the newest plugin from Thrive that allows you to build opt-in forms in a very easy way. With Thrive Leads, you can create Lead Shortcodes, ThriveBoxes or Lead Groups.

​With Lead Groups, you can create and use multiple forms in the same time, and unlike Lead Shortcodes and ThriveBoxes, you can set it with just a few clicks if you want the forms to appear in multiple places and how often you want them to appear. 

You can add more than one​ Lead Group to your website, and you can set which group you would like to appear and where. It is useful if, for example, you have content that belongs to different categories, and the opt-in form which fits one category doesn't fit the other one.

The precedence of one group over the others can be set with just dragging and dropping the element - the first one in the list has priority.

Another feature of Thrive Leads (ie. Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes and ThriveBoxes) is that you can test different forms against each other ​in order to see which is the most popular one among your visitors, so you will know which form is worth keeping.

Keep in mind that only one active lead group can be displayed at any point in time. Read more rules like this here:

How You Can Find Them

​Go to your Dashboard in WordPress the usual way. Select Thrive Dashboard at the bottom of the left side menu.

In the Thrive Dashboard that opens, find the Thrive Leads card and click on the Thrive Leads Dashboard button:

As you click on it, Thrive Leads Dashboard will appear with five sections: Today's Summary, Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes, ThriveBoxes and Signup Segue. 

Creating a New Lead Group

On the Thrive Leads Dashboard page, you can add a new Lead Group by clicking on the blue "Add New" button next to the "Lead Groups" text. 

As you click on it, you can give a name to your group in a new pop-up window. Choose a name which is related to what you will use it for. When you are done, click on "Add Lead Group".

Lead Group Options - an Overview

Now the new Lead Group is added to your Thrive Leads Dashboard. There are three options offered here:

  1. If you click on the plus icon where the first red arrow points at in this image, you can see the details​. It expands the group - this is where you can add new forms: ribbon, lightbox, widget, post footer and/or slide in.
    You can close the group by clicking on the minus icon which will be now in the place of the plus sign. 
  2. If you follow where the second red arrow points at and click on the cogwheel, a new window will pop up with display settings. Here you can set where you want the forms that belong to the group to appear in your content and where you don't.
    You only need to set it once - after it, any time you create a new content, the opt-in form will be automatically added to it, as long as the new content will fit the criteria you set here. 
  3. You can delete the whole group by clicking on the trash icon, which is indicated here by the third arrow

As you expand the Lead Group with the plus icon, it will look like this: 

Here is an example of the ribbon form, which is displayed on the top of the page and it's usually a long horizontal bar. It will always stay on the top of the page. 

Lightbox is a form that pops up. It is displayed on the top of your content covering it. It can look many different ways, here is an example:

Widget is a sidebar opt-in form that appears only in WordPress widget areas. There are many variations; here is an example of how it can look like:

Post footer appears at the bottom of the content. This form doesn't have any width settings - it will expand to the full width of the content area of your theme. Here is an example:

Slide in is an opt-in form that slides in from the edge of the content and sits on the edge of the screen, usually in the bottom right, but can be anywhere. This is an example of how it can look like:

For more information, watch the tutorial video before you start building your first Lead Group: