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How to Install a Plugin on Your Site

Here is a guide for you on how to upload and install a plugin to your WordPress based website. In this example, you will see how Thrive Leads is uploaded and installed, but you need to install our other plugins the same way as well.

1) Download the .zip file

First, you will need to download the plugin in a .zip format from you member's area​.

As soon as you click on "Download", you will be asked to choose where to save the .zip file - however, depending on your settings, this step may be skipped and the download will start automatically. Don't unzip the file! 

2) Upload the .zip File to Your Site

Go to the Dashboard of your website and look for Plugins in the left-side menu bar. Click on Add new:

On the top of the page that will appear, click on "Upload plugin":

​Here you can upload your plugin (in the .zip file!) 

You can either drag and drop the .zip file here or click on Choose File and select it. Then click on "Install Now". It may take a few seconds to upload. 

If the upload was successful, this is​ what you will see:

The last step is to activate the plugin. Click on "Activate Plugin" where the red arrow indicates in the image.

3) Activate Your License

You can activate your license by going to Thrive Dashboard and choosing License Manager:

Here you will need your email address and the license key you can find by clicking here

Copy your email address and license key and go back to your website (Thrive Dashboard -> License Manager)

Paste the required information and click on Activate License. Your plugin is ready to use!