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Configuring Customer Approval Settings in Thrive Ovation

As soon as you have finished connecting your email delivery service with Thrive Ovation you can start configuring your customer approval settings.

To start setting up your customer approval settings you need to access the Thrive Ovation dashboard, which can be found in the Thrive Dashboard menu:

After you have entered the Thrive Ovation dashboard, look for the “Settings” menu item on the top of the page:

Configure your Customer Approval Email Template

On the “Ovation Settings” page you will come across the “Customer Approval Setting” section. In order to start configuring your customer approval email template select the highlighted blue text:

By clicking on the highlighted text, the “Customer approval email template” window will pop up on your screen. This will allow you to edit the email template, thus being able to modify the email’s subject (1) and its message (2):

Below on the “Customer approval email template” window, you will also notice an item that allows you to select shortcodes which can be added to the email message (3).

To add a shortcode to the email message simply click the blue “Copy” button (4) and then right-click on the message area and paste the shortcode. You can also preview the edited email by clicking the afferent link (5):

Apart from seeing how your newly edited email looks or seeing how the shortcodes you have used are interpreted, the “Preview Email” option also allows you to send a test email to any email address you choose:

Once you have finished editing your email template you can save it by clicking the green “Save Email Template” button and start sending out customer approval emails.

Configure your Customer Approval Landing Page

After you have sent your customers an email, asking for their approval, you can forward them to a landing page, according to their answer to the approval email.

Next to the email template configuration in the “Customer Approval Settings” section, you can find the landing page settings. To get started on setting up the landing page, select the link highlighted below:

By clicking on the highlighted text, the “Configure Landing Page” window will pop up on your screen. This window allows you to forward the users to a landing page, depending on the answer they give.

Therefore, you are able to send them to a certain landing page if they approve the testimonial (1) or to a different landing page, in case they don’t approve the testimonial (2):

For each case, you have two options available. You can either forward the user to an existing page on your website (3) or you can forward him/her to a custom URL (4):

Once you have selected an option for both cases presented above you can go on and save your newly configured landing page forwarding feature.

Hopefully, this article covered everything you needed to know about how you can configure the Customer Approval Settings.

If you want to read more about Thrive Ovation, make sure to check out the rest of our Knowledge Base articles here.

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