Connecting ThriveCart to Thrive Apprentice

Please note that the “Gives access based on your ThriveCart setup” switch shown in the video, starting from minute 2:00, has been removed. You will not have to use it when setting up the access restriction rule.

This article will explain how to connect your ThriveCart account to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, via an API key.

You can use your ThriveCart account to create and customize the products that you want to sell, and then add them to your Thrive Apprentice lessons.

For that, you will need to first generate an API key from your Thrive Apprentice dashboard. Then, you can go to your ThriveCart settings, and create a new integration with Thrive Apprentice. You can find the steps in which you can do that, in this article.


Keep in mind that, in order to properly set up the products and the entire integration, you need to make sure that both of these requirements are being fulfilled:

  • You have at least one published Thrive Apprentice course. If you do not have a published course, you will get an error message, asking you to check if the provided details are correct. Check out how to publish a course, here.

The access restrictions for your course can be defined directly in your ThriveCart account when you are going through the setup process.

Also, here are some useful resources to find out more about access restrictions in Thrive Apprentice, and how they work:

Get the API key from the Thrive Apprentice dashboard

Firstly, you need to generate an API key from the Thrive Apprentice dashboard. In your WordPress dashboard, hover over “Thrive Dashboard”, in the left sidebar, and click on “Thrive Apprentice”:

Then, in the left sidebar, click on “Settings” :

And from the list of the available settings, select “API keys”:

If you have not yet created any API keys, this is what you will see, and you can go ahead and click on “Add API”:

A pop-up will open, and an API key will appear in the “API” field. Make sure you name this key and then copy it to your clipboard:

After this, save the API key, by clicking on the “Save” button from the pop-up:

Now that the API key has been copied to your clipboard, you can access the ThriveCart settings and start creating the new integration.

Access the ThriveCart Integrations List

Once you have the API key, you can sign in to your ThriveCart account.

After you do that, you will be taken into the ThriveCart dashboard. On the right side, click on the icon with your account image, to open a list of options. From the dropdown with the options opens, choose “Settings”:

From the page that opens, go to “View Integrations”:

This will open a list of all of the integrations that you can choose from. Scroll down to see “Thrive Apprentice”, and, when you do, click on “Integrate Now”:

You will then see the “Integrate with Thrive Apprentice” button. Click on it, to get started.

If you have previously integrated your account with Thrive Apprentice and added an integration, you can authorize this integration to work for other sites, as well. Simply click on this option:

You will then be asked to complete these fields, to set up the integration:

  • a) Site Name: enter the name of your site in the first field;

  • b) WordPress site URL: in this field, enter your website’s URL;


  1. Even though the example from the field is ““, keep in mind that only adding your standard WordPress site’s URL is enough here ( ““).

  2. Make sure that you keep the exact URL structure of the site. If your site starts with “https://“, please ensure that you add the same protocol structure in the “WordPress site URL” field, in ThriveCart.

  • c) Thrive Apprentice Key: here is where you will have to paste the API Key that you have previously copied, from the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

When you’re done completing these fields, click on “Save this Thrive Apprentice site”:

Note: Remember that, just as mentioned at the beginning of this article, in order to get to this point, you need to have at least one Thrive Apprentice course published, and you also need to set the access rules for that course. Find out how to do that here.

You are then all set to start using this integration.

Create your products and get the product URLs

The connection has been done – this means that you can start setting up the products. For that, make sure to check out the ThriveCart knowledge base, and you can find articles about creating products in this section.

Then, you can copy the URL of the product, and insert it in your Thrive Apprentice lessons.

For that, after you finish setting up the product, click on the “Save & get URL” option:

Then, copy the URL to your clipboard.

Note: When customizing the products, when you get to the “Fulfillment” tab, make sure that you set the proper option in the “What should happen after purchase” field:

For example, if you want the user to get their login information (user and password) after they purchase the product, make sure that you select the “Add them to my membership site” option from this dropdown:

Moreover, you can also enter a custom URL, in this field:

This is optional, but it can help your customers understand what they have to do next.

For example, if, after they make a purchase, you redirect them to a page that says “Thank you for your purchase. Please check your email to find the account login information”, it will be much clearer to them what the next step is.

Note: If you are selling a course bundle instead of an individual course, the bundle can be found in the list below the “Select the Course to apply for a purchase” section:

You can read more about how to create bundles in Thrive Apprentice here.

Choose the email templates

Another important part of this process is to choose the email templates.


If you have chosen that the users get added to your membership site, but you skip this part, the customers will not receive the login details in their email, thus they will not be able to get access to your course.

In order to choose the email template, go to the “Settings” section of your Thrive Apprentice navigation bar, and click on “Email templates”:

Then, click on this field, to open a list of all of your templates:

From the list, select the template that you want to customize:

After you customize the template, make sure that ThriveCart is selected in the “Email Triggers” list, and then click on “Save Template”:

Then, you can move on to the next step.

Insert the product URLs into your lessons

After creating a product, you can insert it into one of your lessons.

Here is an example of how to do that: you can add a “Button” element to one of your lessons, which will send the users to the ThriveCart product purchase page.

If you want to do that, follow these few easy steps:

1. Open the course with the lesson

In order to edit a lesson, you first have to open the course where you can find it. For that, click on the course, from the Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

2. Edit the Lesson

Click on the “Content” tab in order to access the course content:

If your course has modules and chapters, you will have to expand the one that has the lesson which you want to edit, by clicking on it:

Next, hover over the lesson that you want to edit and click on “Edit Content”:

3. Add a “Button” element

Then, you will need to click on the plus sign, in the right sidebar, to open the list of elements that you can add to the lesson:

In the list of elements that opens, look for the “Button” element. When you find it, grab it, and drag and drop it in the editor:

You can then customize the “Button” element as you wish. You can find out how to use all of its options, in this article.

After customizing this element, add a link to the button, using the “Button Link” option, described here. Choose a static link, and enter the product URL in the “Target URL” field:


After this, save everything, and you’re all set. Now, whenever someone clicks on this button, they will be taken to the ThriveCart product page that you have inserted as the Target URL:

After they enter the information and purchase the product, they will receive the login information on their email, which they can use to log in and have access to the course.

This is how you can easily connect your ThriveCart account to the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

Make sure to check out our knowledge base and the rest of the tutorials, if you want to find out more about Thrive Apprentice.

If you find yourself having trouble setting up this connection, you might be interested in this troubleshooting article we have created.

I hope this article was useful to you. If so, please make sure to leave a smile below 🙂

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