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Creating a Category List Template in Thrive Theme Builder

This article will explain how you can create a template that you can later apply on an automatically generated category page, that shows all of the posts included in a certain category when using Thrive Theme Builder.

You can achieve that by creating a new “List Template”, and, when setting it up, choosing certain options from the “Add New Template” lightbox.

You can find the steps with which you can add a new “List Template” in the article linked above.

For the specific purpose of creating a “Category List Template”, you should choose “Archives” as a List Type, as well as “Categories” when it comes to choosing the Archive Type:

Then, when you open the new “List Template” in the Thrive Theme Builder editor, you will notice a “Category List” element that will automatically be inserted into the template.

Click on this element, in the editor, to select it:

Note: The “Category List” element is similar to the “Post List” element, but it is called “Category List” since I have chosen this page to be a list of all the posts from a specific category.

‚ÄčIn the left sidebar, the options of the element will appear, and you can choose a different template for it if you want to modify the way it looks. In order to do so, click on this field:

From the “Content Drop-down” of the editor, you will be able to choose a different category to be shown, if you want:

Also, feel free to customize the “Category List” element further, using all of its options (Blog List section) from the left sidebar:

Once the element is customized, you can also use the right sidebar options of the editor to customize the “List Template” further.

This is how you can create the template and customize it. Once you’re done, you can apply it to an automatically generated page, that will show all of the posts from a certain category.

If you need more information about various Thrive Theme Builder products, you can check out our tutorials page.

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