Creating a Child Theme in Thrive Theme Builder

Do you really need a child theme with Thrive Theme Builder?

The answer is…. most users won’t.

You might be thinking: But having a child theme helps protect my theme customizations from updates, right?

You’re right, that used to be true.

Historically it was advisable to create a child theme in order to make visual adjustments to the parent theme.

However, with Thrive Theme Builder, this is no longer necessary. That’s because Theme Builder is already fully visually customizable through the visual editor. You can change the design of any aspect of your theme simply by visually editing the theme templates.

So for 99% of users, there really is no need to create a child theme. You can just skip this altogether and go back to visually building your beautiful site.

For advanced users, however, creating a child theme can give you the freedom to extend the functionality with custom code. ​So if you have bespoke requirements that require extra coding logic then read on…

How to Set up a Child Theme

Follow these steps (advanced users only!):

  1. Download this child theme archive

  2. Upload the archive to your WordPress site through Appearance -> Themes -> Add new

  3. Activate the child theme

That’s it, you’re done.

Of course, you can modify the name (and other attributes) of the child theme through the regular method.

You can now modify the functions.php and style.css files until your heart’s content!

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