Installing and Using the Thrive Theme Builder on a Multi-site Setup

This article will explain how Thrive Theme Builder works on multisites, as well as how to install and activate the product on a multisite.

You can use Thrive Theme Builder on all of your websites. However, the installation will have to be done on each site, separately.

Also, you will need to have a separate licence for each of the sites. This means that, if you want to use Thrive Theme Builder on three of your sites, let’s say, then you will have to get a multi-use licence, for each one.

To get started, you should keep in mind that, if you have set up a WordPress multisite network and you want to use Thrive Theme Builder on your multisites, then you first have to make sure that Thrive Product Manager is installed on all of the multisites.

Install Thrive Product Manager

In order to install the Thrive Product Manager, please follow the steps described in this tutorial. In the case of a multisite, you will have to access the “Plugins” section of your “Network Admin” dashboard:

Then, click on “Add New”:

Then, you will be taken to a page with some WordPress plugins. From the top side of the screen, click on “Upload Plugin”:

Then, choose the Thrive Product Manager that you have previously downloaded from the Member Dashboard, and click on “Install Now”:

After the plugin is installed, you also have to activate it, by clicking on the “Network Activate” button, which will activate the Thrive Product Manager on every site that belongs to this network:

Connect Thrive Product Manager to your Thrive Themes account

Once the Thrive Product Manager plugin has been activated, you will have to connect each of your sites to your Thrive Themes account. For this, you will need to access each website that you want to use the Thrive Theme Builder on separately.

In your Network Admin dashboard, look for the “Sites” section in the left sidebar. Hover over it and then, click on “All Sites”:

This will open the page where you can see all of the sites of your network. Choose the website on which you want to use Thrive Theme Builder first. Hover over it and click on the “Dashboard” button that appears under it:

This will open the dashboard of the specific websites from the network. In the left sidebar, you will see the “Product Manager” plugin.

Click on it and then, click on the “Log into my account” button, in order to log in and access the Thrive Themes products:

If you are logged in to your Thrive Themes account in the same browser, then you will be logged in automatically.

If not, then you will have to complete the username and password that you have used when signing up at and then, click on “Log In”.

Install Thrive Theme Builder on each of your sites

After you logged in to your account, you can easily install Thrive Theme Builder, but keep in mind that you will have to do this on each site.

On the Thrive Product Manager page, you will see a list with all of your purchased products, as well as the available Thrive Theme Builder. Click on “Install Theme”:

Note: When you install Thrive Theme Builder, one of our themes will also be installed automatically.

Therefore, after choosing the products that you want to be installed, click on “Install selected products”:

After the installation is done, you will get a success notification:

You can then access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard and start using it. However, keep in mind that the modifications you make in Thrive Theme Builder on one of your sites, will not appear or be applied to Thrive Theme Builder on your other sites.


  • In order to use Thrive Theme Builder on other websites from the same network, you will have to repeat this process (installing Thrive Theme Builder from the Thrive Product Manager), on each website separately.

  • The modifications you make to a Thrive Theme Builder theme from a website will not be applied to a Thrive Theme Builder theme from another website.

For example, if I install the Shapeshift theme on two of my websites, and I customize the theme templates of my first website, this will not affect the theme templates from my second website.

  • To use Thrive Theme Builder on a multisite, you will need to purchase a multi-use licence. You can’t use the same Thrive Theme Builder licence for two activations, on two different sites.

On the same note, if ever you will want to deactivate one of the license installations from one of the websites, and activate it on another one from your network, you can do that by following the steps presented in this article.

This is how you can install and start using Thrive Theme Builder on your multisites. If you want to find out how to start using Thrive Theme Builder, make sure to check out the “Getting Started” section, here.

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