Managing Page Templates in Thrive Theme Builder

Every “Page Template” that you have in your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard can be easily managed, directly from the “Templates” section of your dashboard.

There, you can find various managing options for the templates such as the “Rename”, “Delete”, “Duplicate” etc. options.

Here is how you can use each of these options to manage your “Page Templates”:

Access the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard

First, you will need to access your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard and its “Template” section, to see your templates.

To do that, go to your WordPress Admin dashboard, hover over the “Thrive Dashboard” from the menu on the left side and click on “Thrive Theme Builder” from the sub-menu that appeared:

This way you will access your Thrive Theme Builder dashboard. Next, you will have to click on its “Templates” section from the left side to open it:

Use the Managing Options

When the “Templates” section is opened, you will see all of your templates. Look for the “Page Template” you want to manage and click on the “More” option (three dots icon) from its lower right side:

This will open the pop-up with the “Managing Options” you can use:

You can use either of these “Managing Options” as follows:


If you click on this option, the template will open in a new tab and you can see how it will look like for the visitors of the page you will apply it to in the future.

Set as default

This option allows you to set this “Page Template” to be the default “Page Template” in your dashboard. If this is what you want to do, just click on the “Set as default” option:

Note: If the “Page Template” you are managing now is already the default template, then you will see this option unavailable, representing the fact that the respective template is already the default one.


If you want to rename your “Page “Template”, click on the “Rename” option from here:

This will make the field with the name of the “Page Template” editable:

Simply delete the name your template has at the moment from there and replace it with the new name you want to give to it. Then click anywhere outside the field or press “Enter” and the new name will be automatically saved for your “Page Template”.


If you do not want to use the “Page Template” anymore, you can remove it by using the “Delete” option. First click on the option:

Then, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you truly intend to delete the template. If this is so, then click on the “Delete Template” button from the pop-up and your template will be removed:

Note: If the “Page Template” you are managing is the default one, the “Delete” option will not be available for it. If you want to delete the template, you will first have to make a different “Page Template” your default one and then, you will be able to use the “Delete” option from here.


With this option, you can easily duplicate your “Page Template”. All you need to do is to click on the “Duplicate” option from here:

In a few seconds, the template will be duplicated. You will see the duplicated version appear with the name of “Copy of” + the name of the original template.


Resetting a “Page Template” will turn the template back into its initial form. This means that any customization you have made on it so far will be removed and you can start customizing it from scratch again.

If you are sure that this is what you want to do, then click on the “Reset” option:

Then, confirm your intentions in the pop-up window that opens by clicking on the “Reset Template” button:

Once you have done that, the “Page Template” will be reset.

This is how easily you can manage any of your “Page Templates”. If you want to find out more about various Thrive Theme Builder features and options, check out our knowledge base here.

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