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Managing Product Access Expiry in Thrive Apprentice

Do you want to manage product access expiry in Thrive Apprentice to control until a user can access the product? This feature is introduced in the Thrive Apprentice update released on 23rd August 2023.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can manage access control, add an expiry date, enable user notifications, and more.

Enabling Product Access Expiry

Before you add an access expiry, please ensure you’ve created a product in Thrive Apprentice.

To begin with, start by opening your WordPress admin area, navigate to Thrive Dashboard >> Thrive Apprentice, and click on the Products tab in the left panel of the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

All the products are offered through the Products tab on this website.

To enable access expiry for a particular product, click the Pen/edit icon in line with the product name.

On the product editing page, click Access expiry in the left panel.

To enable access expiry for this product, click the slider beside the option that says Expire access automatically.

If you’ve created the product before 23rd August 2023 (the release date of Access Expiry), you’ll see a popup when you click the slider to enable access expiry.

The popup says, “Adding Expiry dates will affect users who have already bought the course.” If you agree with this notice, you can proceed by clicking the Yes button.

If you don’t want the access expiry to affect existing members, you can create a new product and enable access expiry for it.

When you enable Access Expiry, you’ll see more options that we’ll learn about further in this document.

Setting up an Access Expiry Date

After enabling Access Expiry, select when you’d like it to expire.

You can select the expiry time by clicking the dropdown below the Expire product option. This dropdown will let you select an option on whether you want the expiry date to be set depending on when,

  • A user purchases the product
  • A specific date and time is attained

When you select the option “When user purchases product,” you decide the number of days, weeks, months, or years you’d like the product access to expire after the purchase.

When you select, “Specific time and date” in the dropdown, you can set a specific date and time when you’d like the product access to expire.

Enabling a Reminder Notice for Users

With the Access Expiry feature, you can send a reminder notification to users before the expiry date.

To enable these notifications, click the slider beside the “Send reminder notice to the user prior to expiry” and select the number of days, weeks, months, or years before expiry when you’d like to send the reminder.

Editing the Email Template for Access Expiry Reminder Notice

When you enable reminder notifications for users, you can also edit the email template used.

To edit the email template, click the i to open the tooltip beside Set reminder notice.

When you open the tooltip, click the anchor text “here.” This will take you to the Email Templates section under the Thrive Apprentice settings.

On the email templates page, you can select an email delivery service from the first dropdown and then select the template “Product access is expiring” from the second dropdown.

When you select the template, you can edit the Email subject line, the from name, and the message in the below fields.

After editing the email template, click the Save template button to save the changes.

Redirecting Users to Another Page After Product Access Expiry

You may often want to redirect a user to another page after product access expires.

This can be useful when promoting another related product or course your users should take.

To enable redirection, click on the slider beside the option “Redirect users with expired access to an expiry page.”

If you’ve already created a page you’d want to redirect your users to, you can start typing the page name in the search field and select it from the options.

If you want to create a new page where you’d like to redirect users, click the Create new page option.

When creating a new page, enter the title in the given field and click the Add page button.

When you search for an already created page or choose to create a new one, you’ll see the page listed below with the following links:

  • View: Opens the page in a new tab so you can view it.
  • Edit with Thrive Architect: Opens the page in the Thrive Architect editor so you can make the changes you want.
  • Remove page: Let’s remove this page if you want to add another one.

After you enable access expiry and complete the setup, click the Save button on the bottom right of the screen.

Once you enable Access Expiry for a product, you’ll see the Access Expiry tag added to the product on the product page of Thrive Apprentice.

We’ve just seen how you can enable access expiry to a Thrive Apprentice product, add an expiry date and time, and enable user reminder notifications and redirections.

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