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Understanding the Priority of Access Rules When a Course is Protected by Multiple Restrictions

When handling products in Thrive Apprentice, you might find yourself in the situation where the same course can be found inside more than one product, thus being protected by multiple rules.

For example, let’s say you’ve created a yoga teaching course, but you’ve created two different products in which the same course is being sold, alongside other courses/pieces of content from your site.

One of these products is free but made for subscribers only, and the other one has to be purchased in order for the user to get access to it. But, remember – both products include the same course. How does Thrive Apprentice handle this situation?

First of all, in the products list, if a course is being used in multiple products, a dot will appear in front of it, in the product list, like so:

If you hover your mouse over that dot, this message appears:

In such cases, the priority of the restriction rules that are applied to that course will be dictated by the order of the products from your product list.

The restriction rules applied to the course that can be found in multiple products will be the restriction rules of the highest product from the product list.

This is similar to the Lead Groups display priority, so if you’re familiar with that one, this is no new information to you.

In conclusion, when you have products overlapping access restriction rules, the product situated higher in the list will be the one from where the access rules are inherited for that course.

You can, of course, rearrange the products in this list. To do that, grab the product from the dotted side and simply drag it up or down, to move it, like so:

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