Revoking Course Access After a Certain Period

If you’re looking for a way to give someone access to a Thrive Apprentice course for a limited amount of time, make sure you read this article.

The setup to achieve this can easily be accomplished in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to do so is by creating an automation in Thrive Automator that has a similar structure:

User receives access to a product

Delay for x days/weeks

Remove access from product

But, in case you want the event that starts the automation to be something else, you can choose whichever start trigger you would like from the list of available triggers and continue with the “Grant access to product” action. In this situation, the automation can look like this:

Start trigger

Grant access to product

Delay for x days

Remove access from product

Here’s how to achieve this. First, access Thrive Automator and create a new automation:

Choose a start trigger

Each automation begins with choosing a start trigger for it. In case you want to create the automation as shown in the first example, choose the “User receives access to a product” start trigger from this list (from the Apprentice category):

For this start trigger you can also set up the conditions for it, from where you can choose for the automation to start when someone is granted access to a specific product, as you can see here:

Or, in case you wanted to have the automation similar to the second example, choose whichever start trigger best fits, and then, as an action, choose the “Grant access to product” one.

Once you’re done setting up the trigger, so the event that starts the automation, click on the plus sign to continue:

Set up a delay

In order for the access to a course to be limited and expire after a specific amount of time, you can use the “Delay” action next:

Select it from the list of actions and set it up as you wish (for the desired amount of time). Click on “Done” to save it:

And, lastly, after the amount of time has passed, the user needs to have their access revoked. For that, you can use the “Remove access from product” action. Click on the plus sign to add the new action:

Revoke access from the product

From the “Apprentice” action category, choose the “Remove access from product” one:

You can then select the product for which the access should be revoked and click on “Done” to save the action:

With the help of a simple automation such as this one, it will be very easy for you to make sure that users have their access revoked from a specific Thrive Apprentice product after an amount of time has passed.

When you’re done, make sure you save and activate the automation.

Hopefully, this article was useful. Don’t forget to check out our knowledge base for more Thrive Automator tutorials, and I also encourage you to leave a smile below if the article was helpful. 😄

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