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Setting up a ‘Sequential Unlock’ Drip Template

The “Sequential unlock” drip campaign can be used in those instances in which you want to make sure your course content is unlocked in order by all users:

Create the Drip Campaign

After you set up your course structure, you’ll be able to apply this drip schedule right from the “Drip” tab:

Then proceed with creating a new campaign:

You’ll be taken to this lightbox, where you can start setting up the template:

Setting Up the Campaign

Just as in the case of any other drip template, in the first two fields you’ll be able to see the start trigger of the campaign and how the content should be unlocked:

For this campaign template, the start event is “User starts the course”, and the content will be unlocked based on custom unlock conditions set by you.

If you pick a different trigger or unlock content option, then your campaign template will change from the currently selected one to another template. This is due to the fact that each campaign template has a particular event that triggers it and a particular type of unlocking content condition.

Then, in the “Advanced settings” section, you’ll have these two toggles that are enabled by default:

  • Force users to complete course in order

With this toggle active, you’ll be able to force all students to complete the course content in order.

So they’ll start with the first lesson, complete it, then proceed to the second one, complete that one as well and so on.

If the toggle is deactivated, then the student will be able to jump through the course content and go though the lessons in no specific order.

  • Show locked content in lesson lists

This refers to the lesson list that shows up on the left side of any lesson.

If this toggle is active, the students can view the title of the upcoming lessons or modules that will be unlocked for them. If you deactivate it, those locked modules or lessons will be hidden from the lesson list.

After you create your campaign, the course structure will look like this:

Each lesson will be unlocked only when the previous piece of content will be completed:

While you are on this view, you’ll notice once more the two toggles:

Keep in mind that if you decide to deactivate the “Force users to complete course in order” toggle, the unlock options will change.

This is due to the fact that the previously set sequential rule is not active anymore.

Applying the Drip Schedule

After you are finished setting up the campaign, there’s still one important step that you need to do, in order to make sure your drip campaign is working.

Access the “Drip” tab of your Products dashboard:

Make sure you apply the drip schedule that you’ve just created to your product:

Here are some resources that you might find useful if you want to learn more about this topic:

Hopefully this tutorial about how to use and set up the ‘Sequential unlock’ drip campaign was useful to you.

Don’t hesitate to check out our knowledge base for more tutorials of this type:

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