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Sorting Students by Enrollment Date in Thrive Apprentice

You can use the “Reports” area of your Thrive Apprentice to check out various stats and graphs about how your online school is performing.

One of the pieces of information you can pull from your Thrive Apprentice reporting area is the registration date of all your new students.

You can access this report either from the “Members” tab of your Thrive Apprentice, or directly from the “Reports” tab.

First, make sure you are in the reporting area of Thrive Apprentice:

Expand the “Course dashboard”, and click on the “Course enrollments” sub menu:

Here, select the course you want from the “Course” drop-down list:

You can use the drop-down lists available at the top of the dashboard if you want to filter your results even more:

The graphs and reports form here will show you when members receive access to a course. This could be from granting them access to a new Thrive Apprentice product that protects one or more courses, or adding a course to the protected content of a product they already have access to:

In the “Details” section is where you can view the names of all the members. Use the sorting option next to the “Date” column to sort them by date:

If you want, you can also export a CSV file from here:

You can get to this report from the “Members” tab of the same navigation bar:

Here, click on the “New enrollments” card, and this will take you back to the same “Course enrollments” dashboard of the reporting area:

Hopefully this quick step-by-step tutorial about how to sort your new members by enrollment date has been useful to you.

As always, don’t hesitate to check out the Thrive Apprentice dedicated section from our knowledge base, if you want to learn more about how to create and manage your online school:

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