Unlocking a Lesson for Users Manually

If you want to jump in and manually give a student access to a lesson that has not yet been unlocked by the drip schedule you’ve set up, you can easily do that.

What you have to do is access the “Members” section of Thrive Apprentice:

In your list of students, access the one you want to unlock the lesson for:

This will show the list of courses the student has access to. Click on the course with the respective lesson:

You will see the status of each lesson. Clicking on one that is still locked will let you unlock it for this specific student, even if the drip schedule has not yet unlocked it:

Simply confirm the action from the pop-up that opens:

After that, a success notification will let you know that the content is now unlocked, and you will also see it in the user’s list of unlocked lessons:

This is how you can quickly unlock a lesson for one of your users, should you have to manually do so.

Unlock multiple lessons

It is also possible to select multiple lessons and unlock them at the same time. To do that, all you have to do is select them and some options will appear on the top side. From there, you can manually unlock the content (or even mark it as complete, if needed):

Hopefully, this quick ‘how-to’ was useful. Make sure to check out our Thrive Apprentice knowledge base section if you need more information on this plugin 😄

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