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Switching From Teachable to Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 has just been released! Check out this blog post to see what changes will be applied once you update.

If you’ve decided to move your courses to Thrive Apprentice, coming from Teachable, take a look at this article.

If you’re switching platforms, keep in mind that you will have to rebuild your courses in Thrive Apprentice, meaning that you will have to transfer the content, design your online school and set up the login/access settings.

The users/students can be exported from Teachable and easily imported in Thrive Apprentice.

In case you’re planning on doing the transition take a look at this checklist:

Migrating to Thrive Apprentice Checklist

☑ Create the content in Thrive Apprentice

☑ Create your online school design

☑ Create the product with the course/course package

☑ Set up access requirements and access restrictions rules

☑ Set up the drip schedule

☑ Set up the login process

☑ Import your old customers

You can find detailed instructions about each of these steps in this article, which is a more general one about the entire process of switching from another learning management system (LMS) platform to Thrive Apprentice.

Briefly, here are the steps that you need to take in order to transfer your Teachable course to Thrive Apprentice:

☑ Start by creating your course in the Thrive Apprentice dashboard – this is actually very easy to do, as you can create text/audio/video lessons, customize them in the Thrive Apprentice editor. Then, when they’re ready, you can easily access and publish/schedule them to publish at a specific date.

Lesson resources can easily be added, and you can even make those resources available after a certain condition has been met (for example, once the student finishes a lesson, as shown in this article).

A great thing we can assure you about is that our course builder interface is very welcoming and friendly, so you won’t have to worry about having difficulties creating the content again. It literally takes only a few minutes to create your course structure, just by giving the course a title, modules and lessons contained within.

☑ Once the course content has been added, you’ll have to design your online school. This is, again, very easy to do, as Thrive Apprentice works with templates (lesson, course and module templates) that can be applied to each type of content.

This knowledge base section should cover pretty much all there is to know about designing your online school.

☑ From there on, once you have the course/courses ready, you can create a product. A product can contain:

  • a singular course;

  • multiple courses;

  • a singular course + other content types (posts/pages/custom content types);

  • multiple courses + other content types (posts/pages/custom content types);

Creating products is necessary if you’re planning on creating paid courses or courses available for users with certain roles or if you want to create a dripping schedule for them, which means that you want to gradually offer access to your lessons – instead of making all of them available at the same time.

This knowledge base section is where we’ll gather articles related to Thrive Apprentice Products.

☑ Now that your course has been created, you’ve designed the course templates, and you’ve added the course within a product, you’re ready to set up the access restriction rules, to choose by whom and under which conditions your course can be accessed.

☑ Once that’s settled, you can go ahead and create the drip schedule that will be assigned to this product.

☑ Another important step here is setting up the login & registration process, as this will be crucial for your user experience. Make sure to set up the login & registration page, as well as the email templates. Please see this article for a more in-depth walk through the new user registration process.

☑ Lastly, you can go ahead and export your old customers from Teachable:

(screenshot taken from their article)

Inside the Thrive Apprentice dashboard, you’ll be able to access the “Customers” section to import the CSV file with all of your students.

That’s it! These are all of the important aspects that you should consider and take care of when switching from Teachable to Thrive Apprentice.

Hopefully, this article was useful. Be sure to check out our knowledge base for more information on Thrive Suite products and features. 😄

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