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Thrive Apprentice 4.0 – Introducing Drip, Products and Conditional Display

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 has just been released! Check out this blog post to see what changes will be applied once you update.

With the 2022 version of Thrive Apprentice, three huge key features have been added to the product:

This article has the purpose to briefly describe what each of these features refers to, as well as link some useful resources (blog posts, knowledge base articles and tutorials).


You are now able to create products that can contain courses paired with other types of content. Products are similar to course bundles, but you can bundle up different types of content, not just courses.

This means that, when someone purchases your course, you are now able to also give them access to certain pages/posts or other content types.

We have called these packages of content “Products” and we’ve added a separate section in the Thrive Apprentice dashboard, from where you can set them up.



The main idea behind the new Drip scheduling option is that we wanted to offer a way in which you can gradually release the course content for your students, instead of them granting access to all of the content at the same time.

Course Drip Schedules can be created from within each course:

You are able to create more than one drip schedule per course:

Each course will be sold as a product, and for each product, you can choose which drip schedule should be applied to it:


Conditional Display

Lastly, we’ve added the “Conditional Display” feature that allows you to take a block of content from any page, and create alternate versions of that content.

You can assign different display rules to each version, governing what each visitor to that page will see, depending on what kind of permissions that person has.

For example, you can create a version that is shown to the users who have already purchased a certain product from your website and create a secondary version that will be displayed to all visitors.

The feature is very versatile and complex so that you can create customized content for users or visitors, according to various rules.


As always, you are able to find more information about all of these features and others by checking out our knowledge base and blog.

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