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Testing One Form Type With Another in Thrive Leads

Apart from testing two forms under the same type against each other, with Thrive Leads you also have the possibility to test different form types against each other.

The way to do it is very simple: create a Thrive Lead Group, and inside that group, create more than one type of form, e.g a ribbon and widget.​

As soon as you have built more than one type of form inside the same Lead Group, you will be automatically offered to run a test:

As you click on “Test Types of Forms Against Each Other”, you will see a pop-up window with the test settings. Make sure you have actually built the forms, otherwise you will get an error message:

First of all, give a name to your new test. You can also add test notes, but it is optional.

Choose at least two types of forms that you wish to test against each other. The ones written in light grey cannot be tested, because the type of form does not have a design yet.

There is an option called “Automatic Winner Settings”, thus, you can set whether you want the winner to be automatically chosen after a certain period of time or success rate.

To expand the element, click on the plus icon, indicated by the red arrow in the image above. This is what you will see:​

Tick the box next to “Enable” if you wish to use this feature. If you do so, more options will be offered:

Here you can set yourself the minimum number of conversions, add the minimum duration of the test in days (thus, the winner won’t be automatically chosen before this date expires) and give the chance in percentage to beat the original form. It’s recommended to have a fairly high number here, otherwise, the result may not be reliable.

As you click on “Start Test”, you won’t be redirected from Thrive Leads Dashboard​, but if you expand your Lead Group, you will see that test is in progress:

As you click on one of the “View Test”, you will be directed to a page where you can see the current state of the test:

As you can see, different form types are tested against each other. if you enabled this option, the winner will be automatically chosen, but you can stop the test before it by clicking on “Stop Test and Choose Winner”:

Once the winner is chosen, the other form or forms will be automatically archived:

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