Using the Icon Manager in Thrive Dashboard

The Thrive Architect plugin comes with a lot of icons that you can add to your content. However, you have the ability to add extra icons to your content.

You can choose from a huge range of icons and because they are vector-based, they scale without any loss of quality.

Note: Generating icons does not work in the Safari browser, due to this browser’s auto-unpack feature. To generate and download the file, please use a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

How to Import Icons into your WordPress Site

1. Access the Icon Manager

In your WordPress dashboard you will be able to find the Thrive Dashboard:

In the now opened Thrive Dashboard, you need to click on the “Manage Icons” button of the “Retina Icons” card:

2. Thrive Icon Manager

In the new window that opens, you will find a highlighted link on which you have to click to get access to the entire list of icons:

You can also access that link from here.

3. Select the icons

Go through the icons and select the icons that you want to use on your site. The selected icons will appear with a golden border:

You can select multiple icons, as per the above screenshot.

4. Download the icons to your Computer

Once you’ve finished selecting your icons, you should then click the “Generate Font” button:

After you have clicked on the “Generate Font” button you will be sent to a page where you will see all the icons you have chosen. On that page, look for the “Download” button, on the lower end of the page and click it:

Regardless of where you have downloaded your file, you just need to make sure you remember the location because you’ll need to upload it to your website in the next step.

5. Import the File to your Web Site

Go back to the Icon Manager by clicking the “Manage Icons” button in your Thrive Dashboard and look for the “Import Icons” section and upload the .zip file that you saved in the step above:

6. Generate your Icons

You can simply click the “Save and Generate Icons” button and your icons will be imported into your WordPress website:

Once the .zip file has been processed, you’ll be able to see all your icons listed in the same window:

You’ll then be able to use these icons in the Thrive Architect plugin.

How to Add Imported Icons to Your Content

After adding the icons to your Thrive Dashboard, you can go ahead and start adding them to your website content. Below are the steps for doing that:

1. Add the “Icon” element to your content

Open any post or page in Thrive Architect and look for the “Icon” element on the right sidebar:

You can simply drag and drop this element into your page:

2. Select the icon from the popup window

Once you have dragged the element into your canvas, a window will pop up on your screen with all the default icons and the ones you have just added using the “Icon Manager”.

You can find them in the “Icon Packs” section, as “Custom icons”:

3. Insert the icon into your Content

Select the desired icon, click the “Select” button and the icon will be inserted into your content:

4. Customize the newly added icon

After you have added an icon on your page, a couple of options will show up on the sidebar, allowing you to bring some changes to your icon:

To find out more in-depth information about the “Icon” element, don’t forget to check out this tutorial: How to use the Icon element.

Would you like to see how to use icons in a cool layout? Then, check out this tutorial on the new Font Awesome Icons in Thrive Architect.

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